10 Best Travel Website Builders to Create a Travel Blog

The best way to leave your footprints in the digital world is to have a blog.

Want to interact with people? Start a blog!

Want to promote your travel-related business? Start a blog!

Want to share information, experiences, and tips about traveling? Start a blog!

But, hold your horses before you wear your coding cap. Don’t start working with the first travel website builder you find.

You should know that travel blog/website builders are plenty. This means that you will get baffled with the choices in front of you. To make things simple, we have picked the 10 best options – other than the popular WordPress – that stand out from the rest.

Let’s take a look at the options and what makes them special.

1. VacationLabs

VacationLabs is a travel agency website builder, ideal for travel and tourism-related businesses.

It is easy to use for both newbies and professional builders.  Offering professional templates for specific niches in the travel world, it’s a one-stop solution for travel agents, agencies, travel bloggers, and enthusiasts.

Special widgets and functions for bookings and payments make it easy to get your website up and running .  You can also use custom domains that aid brand building.

It gives you easy options to optimize all your pages for SEO.

The USP: It is specifically made for the travel and tourism industry. This gives it an inherent advantage of offering those features that you need the most.

2. Squarespace


Squarespace is an acclaimed platform offering a lot of creative liberty to developers. Every part of it is customizable. You have beautiful templates to choose from and the building process is as easy as it can get.

Squarespace also brings a lot of useful tools and assets to the table.

First up on the list is affordability. If your business is just starting up or you don’t want to spend big bucks, trust Squarespace. And yet, it doesn’t fall short on features. It is user-friendly and has domain and mobile optimization options.

The USP: For any business or blog to build a brand image, you need the right marketing tools. And Squarespace offers a lot of marketing tools that can be used to take your travel business global.

3. Wix


If you are a traveler who is always on the go, we suggest you end your search for travel website builders with Wix. It is flexible, simple to use, and highly adaptable. It might not specifically be a travel website builder, but it easily transforms into one.

All its features as a website builder can be used to build travel websites and blogs that stand out.

The USP: The defining factor of Wix is the three developer options that it offers.

Looking for a website that is up and running in a jiffy? Use its Artificial Intelligence Design (ADI) builder.

Have a little more website building experience and know-how? Go for the Editor or Code options.

4. Weebly


Weebly is a regular website builder. But it is so loaded with features that it’s not really a task to make it your go-to travel website builder. It has a broad spectrum of options to choose from including domain registration, web hosting, and search engine optimization that offers tangible results.

Its ‘drag-and-drop’ feature is a welcome aid. Coding could be a foreign language to you and you’ll still be able to create a website that suits your travel blog by simply dragging and dropping widgets, sections, and columns.

The USP: Weebly has a mobile app. This offers on-the-go access to the website builder. No matter where you are traveling to, Weebly lets you keep your website updated.

5. Webnode


Just like all travel websites are not built alike, all travel website builders too, are not similar. Most website builders offer you multiple features, but Webnode is the one that actually makes it easier for travel enthusiasts to use those features to their advantage. You get templates, domain name options, and flexibility with many builders. With Webnode, you can utilize those features within minutes.

It helps build a website compatible with multiple platforms, mobile-friendly and flexible.

The USP: The ease of operation. Travel business owners are not always tech savvy. Webnode bridges that gap for you, making it easy to get going with little to no help or experience.

6. SITE123


Just like its name, Site123 can help you get your site ready in 3 easy steps.

It has an intuitive page builder that makes it a child’s play to build a travel website. For most travel enthusiasts or agencies, a couple of tweaks and customizations in a preset layout would work.

Site123 lets you do just that. You choose a type of page, upload your content, and customize the layout. And you are done.

It is actually as easy as 1, 2, 3.

It also offers a mobile responsive design and SEO tools that can come in handy for new travel agencies or bloggers who are just starting up.

The UPS: As a website builder for travel agency or a blogger, Site123 lets readers comment on your blog posts from Facebook. This makes social sharing and a worldwide reach easy to achieve.

7. Agent Studio


So, here is another specific travel website builder on the list.

Agent Studio is like a dream come true for both travel agencies and bloggers. Irrespective of your skills or the amount of coding knowledge you have, you can use Agent Studio to build unique travel websites.

It has everything necessary to keep your business, website, or blog traveling to the top. Social media integrations for the maximum reach, email marketing, and core customization options, make Agent Studio a top choice for travel business leaders looking for ways to go online.

The USP: If you are traveling and have no time to build a website yourself, the Agent Studio team will be able to do that for you. With their expert know-how and experience, you can bank on its many benefits with zero efforts from your end.

8. Jimdo


Jimdo can help you go live with your travel website really fast. And not three hours or thirty minutes fast, but as fast as three minutes!

Surprised? Well, the Dolphin is to thank for this speed.

Dolphin is Jimdo’s artificial design intelligence that develops the right design for you. All you’ve to do is share information about your travel business. Fine-tune what Dolphin gives you and your website will be ready to go live even before you know it.

For those you want to customize a preset design on their own, the regular Creator mode is available.

The USP: Jimdo lets you change templates, anytime. This way you keep changing the templates to keep up with your changing travel destinations and needs.

9. Webflow


Webflow is for the pros.

No, we didn’t mean you will need professional coding know-how to get your travel agency website up and going.

What we meant was that Webflow offers features and functions fit for the pros, all without the need for pro coding skills. All you need is a little patience to get familiar with the builder and its features.

It has CSS powered layouts, a hundred plus templates, and customization options that let you start building a website from scratch. Your travel website needs to be as unique as your traveling stories and with Webflow, you can let your creativity and unique design ideas flow.

The USP: As far as customization is concerned, with Webflow you can start from a blank canvas and build a website that is 100% your brain-child.

10. uCraft


uCraft is the most dependable website builder. It is ready to tackle any and all challenges that you can throw at it. You don’t need to limit yourself with uCraft. It is a builder so versatile that it can leave behind designated travel website builders and help you get a spectacular website for your travel agency or blogging needs.

From landing pages to eCommerce and blogs, uCraft offers everything, combined. All you need to do is to give it a go and you’ll get happy surprises and a bang-on travel website or blog as the result.

The USP: uCraft offers a logo maker. And several other effective and useful design tools. No matter what your specific travel niche is, with uCraft you can create beautiful designs.

Which is the best travel website builder?

Whether you choose a free travel website builder or go with paid packages, make sure you are choosing the one that can fulfill your needs and is suitable for your level of expertise in web development.

VacationLabs is a builder focused on travel websites, so you can expect that it will keep on evolving along with the travel industry. Wix is another superb option because it has pretty much every digital capability you will want for your travel website, on top of swashbuckling travel-themed templates.

Do you want to know more on how to start a successful blog? Follow this step by step tutorial.

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