10 of the Most Interesting Places to Visit in Arizona

Arizona is the sixth largest state and lies in the southwestern region of the United States. Its capital city is Phoenix and is best known as the home of the Grand Canyon, but this desert-climate state has many more attractions to offer. When thinking about traveling to or around the U.S., Arizona may not be one of the most named states, as California, New York, and even Florida are more popular. But Arizona has some of the most beautiful natural (and artificial) wonders of the world.

Arizona’s Canyons

#1: The Grand Canyon

Known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, The Grand Canyon itself is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA. Many may not know, but there are believed to be around 1,000 caves tucked within the canyon and less than half of them have actually been found. Only one of these caves (The Cave of Domes) is open to the public.

#2: Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Situated along some of the steepest canyons in the state, Canyon de Chelly National Monument (also known as a national park) houses Navajo Indian cliff dwellings. The rich soil and water sustained plant, animal, and human life up until the 1300s, but you can still find some families living in the area today.

#3: Antelope Canyon

Known as a “slot canyon”, Antelope Canyon is a canyon with beautiful red sandstone walls that twist in many directions. As a Navajo Tribal Park, all tours must be conducted by a tour guide. 

Arizona’s National Parks

#4: Saguaro National Park

If you’ve ever wanted to witness the beautiful desert landscape of Tucson, then Saguaro is the place to do it. Here, you can see some of the biggest cacti in the country. The park also offers hiking trails for individuals at any level.

#5: Tumacacori National Historical Park

Also located near Tucson, this historic landmark houses the remains of three of the oldest missions in the state. The park also contains a museum.

Arizona’s Major Cities

#6: Tucson

Speaking of Tucson, this major city of Arizona has more attractions within it than it does around it. This gorgeous desert city is surrounded by mountains and is full of museums, hiking trails, and parks for tourists of all ages.

#7: Phoenix

The capital and largest city of Arizona has so much to offer its visitors. One of the most popular places to visit is the Heard Museum to see beautiful American Indian artwork. Phoenix is also a good base city for exploring the entire southwest. You can do this by taking an organized tour, or if you want more freedom, with a rental car.

Other Attractions

#8: Hoover Dam

You can drive across this 1,244 ft structure that crosses the Colorado River. Beginning construction in 1931 and ending in 1935, this famous dam provides water and power to several major southwest cities.

#9: Lake Mead

Did you know that Lake Mead is a man-made lake? It’s actually the largest artificial lake in the country, and is the reservoir created by the Hoover Dam. At Lake Mead, you can find campsites where you can enjoy fishing and boating.

#10: Monument Valley

Located at the border of Arizona and Utah, Monument Valley is home to the iconic sandstone buttes that are some of the most popular images of the southwest United States. Monument Valley is also home to a Navajo Tribal Park.

Arizona is a unique state of the U.S., as it encompasses many visuals of the southwest. With so many things like historic landmarks, natural attractions, mountains, and even water areas, Arizona has something to offer for everyone. Situated right next to California and Nevada, you’ll also have easy access to other popular tourist destinations, such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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