10 Seater Van Hire with a driver for Travel in India

Travelers are always searching for a van when they want to travel to a particular destination. This is because the per head cost is reduced dramatically in a van and is less than in a sedan car. This is, of course, just one reason why Japji Travel offers its 10 seater van hire with a driver for travel. Even if you want to go on a long holiday trip, you will always choose a van. It is so very affordable and easy in your pockets.

10 Seater van hire with a driver for travel to outdoor destinations

We are fully aware of the travel requirements and needs of travelers. That is why we offer our 10 seater van hire with a driver for travel purposes only. You can not only book our 10 seater vans for short distances and inter-city travel but also outstation trips as well. Our 10 seater van is available for booking online with minimal effort.

  • Prices and billing cost details, and fare structure is transparent and is also available to you so that you can also examine our total fare details.
  • The kilometer reading in our bill is based on actual readings and does not include any extra charges.
  • Our vans reach on time at the pickup address and our drivers can reach you at your destination on time.
  • We have a trained administration and ticket booking staff that will help you in your journey.

The top reasons for you to choose our 10 seater van hire with a driver for travel

A van is also a trusted vehicle of choice as many people travel together. You can choose a van without any second thoughts even if you are going on a business trip. There is, of course, the joy of traveling with your family or friends, that a van offers and a sedan cab doesn’t. But there is a very distinct advantage that is there in a van. That is the engine of the van, which is very superior and is built to handle rough terrain. The build and make of the engine make a van so smooth and even if the roads are not so smooth, you will feel comfortable when traveling in the van.

Our advice on booking a 10 seater van hire

One question that every traveler is confused about is how to book a van for travel. So we have made certain facilities and designed our booking process so that our guests do not have to face difficulties in choosing a tempo traveller rental for their journey.

  • You can book our 10 seater van online through our travel portal.
  • Just fill out the online booking form and send us your query with details of your trip.
  • We have a toll-free number that is +91 9810833751 that you can use to dial us and talk to us about your trip requirements.
  • You can also send us a WhatsApp message and chat with us.
  • Alternatively, you can also email your queries to the email address given on our website address.
  • We will make arrangements for 10 seater van as soon as we know about your trip details.
  • You will get intimation about your van booking through email or chat message with details about the van and trip.
  • There are zero fees involved in the entire booking process and there are no hidden costs involved in the billing.
  • We advise you to book your van as early as possible so that you get seat availability during peak tourist season.

Why 10 seater van hire with a driver for travel

There is every reason why you should choose our 10 seater van hire with a driver for travel. We have ensured that you travel only in comfort and do not experience any difficulty either in booking our vans or traveling in our vans.

  • We offer unbeatable prices (per km) for our van hire with a driver.
  • Our drivers have experience of long hours driving vans and tempo traveler.
  • If you have any query regarding our vans or the booking process, then our customer support service is open 24 hours.
  • Our drivers are verified and certified and have excellent knowledge of roads and know the quickest routes to any place.
  • Our support staff is trained to provide you with satisfactory answers to all your queries.

What are the top reasons why travelers want to go for 10 seater van

Travelers love the comfort and flexibility that a 10 seater van gives. They can book a 10 seater van for just about any occasion. It is this flexibility that gives a 10 seater van an edge over a sedan cab or an SUV vehicle. Let’s look at the various occasions where a 10 seater van is so useful.

  • Outdoor trips, outstation travel, or intercity travel.
  • School picnics and trips
  • Weddings and marriage functions
  • Airport and railway pickup and drop services
  • Business conferences, meetings, exhibitions, and events
  • Short one-day trips, long-distance travel, or sightseeing tours
  • All our vans are authorized with the All India Tourist Permit scheme that makes them approved to travel throughout India.

Some unique advantages for 10 seater van

There are so many advantages when you book our 10 seater van hire with a driver for travel. These advantages are also the main features why you should choose our 10 seater van with a driver.

  • You get enough leg space between seats to stretch your legs on a long journey.
  • You get extra luggage space to keep your bags and luggage.
  • Vans have recliner seats with a push-back mechanism for rest during your travel.
  • You get the freedom to add pickup points and additional stops without having to pay more.
  • You get AC and non-AC vans.
  • The aisle space is enough for you to move around.
  • The seating arrangement is not crammed and there is enough space between seats.
  • Drivers are punctual and verified and can be your tour guide on your trip.
  • Vans are completely sanitized before every trip and are completely safe for traveling.
  • Vans have advanced engines, which can keep the vehicles steady even in rough terrain.
  • Audio systems in the vans for entertainment during your trip.
  • A clear and transparent billing system makes it very easy.
  • You can book vans with a driver without any complicated paperwork or lengthy booking procedures.
  • Vans are very clean and maintained with curtains and seat covers.

FAQ for 10 seater van hire with a driver for travel

What are the rental charges for one day trip in 10 seater van?

We have given our telephone numbers and email address through which you can inquire with us about the rates and prices for 10 seater van hire with a driver for travel.

What if I want to change booking details like date, venue, time, etc.?

You can change booking details 15 days before the actual date of the trip so that we can make timely arrangements for vans and drivers.

What is the seating capacity that you offer in your vans?

We offer the standard seating of 10 seats in our vans. But you can go through our website and see other seating options if you wish.

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