10 Solo Travel Destinations in North America

10  Solo Travel Destinations in North America:  With daily updates on the current coronavirus epidemic, finding a way to avoid travel restrictions is to plan a vacation closer to home.  In every corner of the globe, there are a wide range of options from state and national parks to historic sites. While some famous museums and venues may be closed for now, others can still be viewed, at least in part, from the outside.  Here in Washington, DC, I like to drive visitors at night past the White House, Capitol Hill, he Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials and the Washington Monument.

Here are my top personal suggestions for North American residents for relatively close-by and bargain solo travel destinations. More good news? For extra savings, you can drive or take the train (or even bus) saving costs and the  waiting in lines when flying. In addition, there is a wide range of options. You can start to choose a cultural travel package, adventure vacations for singles or even wildlife vacations. Surprised? You don’t need to go on a distant safari to see some fascinating wildlife in their natural or sometimes adopted habitat.  Did you know that there are even Amazonian Capybaras adopted by US families in the Southwest? (If you have always longed for a unique pet, note that Capybaras need a swimming pool. You may be less than pleased when soaking wet, they then lounge on the living room sofa!)

10  Solo Travel Destinations in North America:

“Foreign” Spots Popular with Foodies:

If you love international cuisine, culture and architecture, here are my top two North American picks:

  1. Quebec City- After 5-6 solo travels to this walled city, I see it as the perfect destination. It is relatively close-by except from the West Coast. From fine dining to neighborhood bistros, it feels like Europe but costs less! (See Quebec City and “Best Solo Travel Destinations: Quebec City” for more details.)
  2. New Orleans-I made my first trip to New Orleans as a child. I was especially fascinated by the spooky St. Louis Cemetery with above-ground tombs. My imagination made it a place to look over my shoulder for wandering ghosts. In more recent years, visiting family and friends there, I really appreciated its lengthy history, unique international feel and innumerable top restaurants. The latter can be pricey! I recommend trying out some bistros as well. Be sure to order the Crawfish Etoufee. (Don’t say Crayfish!) (For more information, see our updated blog on New Orleans.)


National Parks in North America:

National Parks for Wildlife Travel Packages

This is also perfect for those who want an active vacation. Hiking is available all-year except in dead of winter. White-water rafting is an option in many national parks in the West. If you want to find out why there is no such thing as an “American Buffalo”, you may see “Bison” in at least one of our picks below:

  1. Yellowstone National Park
  2. Grand Canyon
  3. Yosemite

(From spas to national parks, see our blog on the US Southwest.)

10 Solo Travel Destinations in North America-West:

Go West Young Man (or Woman)!

  1. Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills of South Dakota-I especially loved the Old West feel of my hotel in Rapid City. One million visitors a year from the US and abroad visit Mt. Rushmore. Don’t forget to save at least a half-day or full day at nearby Crazy Horse Memorial. (Check out our blog on America’s Old West.)
  2. San Francisco-One of America’s most unique and enchanting cities. Whether you love the enchantment of riding cable cars or the 21st-century lure of nearby Silicon Valley, you will leave your heart here!
  3. Seattle and Portland-A little known fact? Oregon has the only year-round skiing in the US. Not a skier? You can ride hermetically sealed in a gondola to the glacier near the mountain top!

Solo Travel Destinations-North America-Old South:

The Old South:

  1. Charleston
  2. 10.Savannah

As a child of the Old South, I recommend both as ways to step back in time strolling past antebellum homes. Both being on the water, also offer special local cuisine. An added benefit? The prices, especially as the temperatures go up, tend to be especially attractive.

We have been looking at great North American beaches (including, of course, Mexico).  Please go to our Contacts Page to tell us your favorite and why. For more options, See 34 Most Breathtaking Places in North America; US Old West and Quebec City.


Our fellow solo travelers weigh in: (Please go to our Contact page, and let us hear about your favorite domestic destinations from solo travelers from around the globe.) 

Guest Post by Jane Roberts: 

Your Guide To A Fun Solo Road Trip In Denver, Colorado

If you’re searching for a road trip destination that offers beautiful scenery, a wide range of activities, and a diverse range of attractions, then look no further than Denver, Colorado. The city attracts over 30 million visitors every year, and its proximity to ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains makes it an attractive holiday spot for people who love winter and adventure sports. Moreover, Denver’s car-friendly roads makes it a dream for driving adventure enthusiasts. Thinking about heading to the Mile High City for a weekend getaway? Check out this guide to a fun solo road trip in Denver, Colorado.

Head over to Lower Downtown

Your road trip begins once you’ve chosen the right vehicle for your holiday. Apart from looking up car models and features, it’s also important to consider legitimate information on car pricing and value, which you can access through verified vehicle data analyzers. Once you’ve selected your ride, pack up your things and some snacks, queue up a road trip-worthy playlist, make sure that your GPS is working, and head over to Denver. Your first stop: Lower Downtown.

This part of the city, referred to as LoDo by the locals, is where you can find amazing restaurants, cool shops, and unique attractions. Once you’re in the area, drop by the Selfie Museum on Market Street and take lots of pictures amidst a backdrop of interactive displays. Don’t forget to visit the iconic Tattered Cover Book Store and shop for used or new books, then head to Larimer Square for amazing eats. This place has got it all whether you’re craving for Spanish cuisine, healthy Mediterranean food, or classic French food.

Make your way to Boulder

For a change of pace and scenery, make your way to Boulder, which is about 37 miles away from Denver. Depending on the traffic, expect to arrive at this beautiful college town after about 35 minutes of driving, then make a beeline to a hotel such as St. Julien or Hotel Boulderado and plan on spending the night here. Next, visit some of the best craft beer breweries in the area such as Odd13 Brewing and Southern Sun, and sample different brews that range from a pale pilsen to a robust Irish stout. You can also go on the Boulder Beer Trail where you’ll make your way through over 20 wineries and breweries, but plan on spreading out your visits within at least 4 days as it’s not advisable to visit all these places in just one day. In the morning, go for a walk along the Boulder Creek Path, then have breakfast at any of the diners and restaurants on Pearl Street.

Visit the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

If you’re craving live music, then you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. You can find it west of Denver, and artists and acts such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, U2, and Coldplay, among others, have performed at this world-class concert venue. Admission is free on days when there are no performances, and it’s worth the drive just to have a look around at the natural stone formations in the mountain park. Denver is an amazing place for a solo road trip. Try visiting these places and experience the beauty and energy of this vibrant city.

Fellow Solo Traveler Marina Yoveva recommends the following tranquil lake settings for uncertain times:

Peaceful Lake Getaway Destinations in the US:

The United States has many incredible travel destinations, that sometimes we forget that we don’t even have to leave our own backyard to see some truly breathtaking landscapes.

Given the craziness that is going on in the world, I will be focusing on a few peaceful and tranquil lake getaway destinations where you can retreat to with friends, family or even alone for some introspection.

Destination #1: Sandpoint, Idaho


From mountains to glacial lakes, Sandpoint is a city in the north part of Idaho that offers a true wilderness getaway. It truly has that quaint small-town village feel to it. Especially when you walk down Main Street and see the old brick buildings that have been there for decades. For an incredible view (similar to the one in the photo above) you can take a chairlift to the top of Schweitzer Mountain.

Destination #2: Lake Placid, N.Y.

Lake Placid has much more of a wilderness and “cottage feel” to it than the other two in this list, which might make it the perfect option for a tranquil lake getaway. The lakes are filled by natural springs and mountain streams. You might remember Lake Placid for the winter Olympics that were hosted there (and the town actually has an Olympic museum that you can check out). Downtown Main Street is worth checking out too as there are tons of cool shops, cafes, and restaurants (the community feel is great downtown too).

Destination #3: Okoboji, Iowa

Okoboji is one of the must-visit destinations with the whole family. Especially if you plan on checking out the thrilling rides in the famous Arnolds Park Amusement Park. This whole town kind of has a 1960’s-style summer vibe to it that you just need to experience in person to really understand what I mean. There are endless amounts of activities like; ziplining, parasailing, boating and so much more…

Author: Marina Yoveva

Author Bio: Marina is originally from Bulgaria but has spent most of her life traveling the world and loves learning about new cultures, languages, and destinations. She shares those experiences on exploreist.com.


(Solo Trekker 4 U advises that you check ahead of time for any cancellations or closings as to the above destinations.)

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