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But wait.. some new campers encounter several problems on their first camping.

Are you a first-time camper too? Then make sure to read this post till the end because I’m gonna list out 12 Stupid Camping Mistakes that you will encounter on your first camping trip and how to avoid them! (or maybe you’re not a first-time camper but do you still do these mistakes? Read this post to find out!)

I know that the first time everything cannot go perfectly but we can minimize the mistakes that I’m going to mention below so that the Camping trip turns out to be a boon. 

Well, Before you go somewhere to camp make sure you’ve done a study on that place to get an overview of how the place is gonna be? 

That way you’ll be less unprepared about your destination and that will be a perfect way to avoid any kind of surprise camping mistakes. You’ll get a prior image of how things are going to look to you and that is a great advantage for you if you do the research before visiting the camping site.

Know every relevant thing about the camping place that can help you in getting the most out of your experience.

2. Taking Camping Gears without Testing

One of the biggest mistakes of Beginner Campers is that they take camping gear with them without even trying and testing. Please make sure that you must not do the same mistake as it can put you in trouble.

Being there at the camping site and wondering how to use certain types of equipment would make you feel like a dumb person.

Better would be if you try these gears beforehand and that’ll help you do all the work efficiently without any embarrassing moments.

3. Not Being Mentally Ready

Well, being outdoor means that you’ll face a number of challenges on your trip and that’ll make you stronger and help you survive in these challenging environments it also its be such shame to get compact injured and also no knowledege to how to dress up this type of little injured. 

So before you go on wild camping just make sure that you have sufficient knowledge about some outdoor camping and wilderness survival.

However, many camping beginners do not take this seriously, it is the most important thing for all beginner campers to know how to be mentally prepared for any adventure and outdoor camping in various situations, you just feel the positive vibes of adventure and nature.

4. Packing Unnecessary Stuff 

Packing, Packing, Packing… It is not as simple as it sounds! Packing like a fool will only make it worse for you to enjoy because you will not have the important stuff and what you may be carrying around is some stuff which isn’t even necessary for that trip.

I’ve made a complete guide on How to Plan a Trip, make sure to check it out for some really amazing tips for packing and other planning kinds of stuff for the trip.

Moreover, for your assistance, I’ve also made a list of 13 Highly Important things that you should be carrying on your trip. Read that post to get some must to have products at an affordable price.

Do not carry items that can be substituted instead carry the one that can substitute that item and many others. 

5. Lacking Food while on Camping

Well, it is necessary to eat food at regular intervals while you’re out somewhere at camping as it will give you the energy to do things at your campsite.

Always, carry essential food items with you that you can eat while on a camping trip cause if you lack food then things can get worse anytime. It may sound stupid but that’s the truth.

How does it feel like, if your food gets finished within just the initial days of your camping? How you are gonna survive? So better would be is that you must carry food items with you that can work till your trip gets over.

It is advisable to carry food that can be prepared easily within a short span of time, like noodles, oats, rice, etc. They’ll save a lot of your time!

6. Forgetting an Insect Spray

An Insect Spray can be a Life-saver. You never know when you can encounter a bug some other insect. So, better would be if you can take it with you. 

It is one of the crucial camping mistakes that some beginner campers do. Don’t do the same mistake as they’re doing.

I recommend taking this Insect Repellent. Your sleep is important for your well being and if you encounter any bug or insect, just do your job.

7. Keeping food inside the Tent

Well, keeping food inside your camping tent could result in big trouble for you. Food’s smell can attract wild animals towards your camp and how worse can it get? 

Make sure that you don’t have any leftover’s cause that isn’t a good idea if you don’t want wild animals to be sneaking around your camping place.

8. Littering all around the campsite

If you’re out camping somewhere, you have to take care of that place just like as you take care of your home. Littering all around your campsite is not a good trait as a camper.

Put the trash in one place rather than throwing it randomly anywhere. It a kinda job for you to make your campsite clean and hygienic. 

To be a good camper, you must learn to adapt these tiny things 🙂

9. Arriving Late at the Campsite

This is one of the common mistakes among campers. They often arrive late at the campsites. Seriously dude, you’ll miss on things in the daylight and you need to perform them in the dark which can be quite frustrating. 

What you have to do is just get prepared fully in order to avoid last-minute hassles. If you arrive late maybe you’ve got to set up your tent and cook in the dark and I know that sounds really unusual. 

So, try not to arrive late at the camping site. This is a must to avoid camping mistakes and easiest to tackle too.

10. Taking and wearing the wrong clothes

As I’ve earlier said that packing sounds so simple but you have to do it efficiently. A part of it is to pack clothes that fit into the situation. For example, while you’re out camping, taking and wearing comfy clothes will be the best deal.

Moreover, the weather also plays a major role in the selection of clothes, which I’m going to discuss in the next step. 

You don’t need to carry too many clothes but you need the right type of them. Pay attention to what you’re packing.

11.  Neglecting the weather possibilities

You cannot deny that weather is one of the most important things that you should be focusing on. Check the weather forecast prior to your camping date. The benefit of giving attention to the weather can help you in selecting and picking up the things that can go well with that kind of weather.

Moreover, the weather can change dramatically in the mountains so make sure you’re well prepared for what’s coming! 

Learning how to survive in bad conditions is a thing that every camper should learn while performing camping. It’s a great thing indeed and you’ll get a lot of assistance from this.

12. Spending too much on Expensive Gears

Overinvesting in camping gear that is highly expensive is the most stupid thing a beginner camper can do. You should buy what is affordable not what is fancy. 

Look out for the equipment that is indeed important and will come in use when needed. They should be chosen according to your needs.

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Your Camping trip can be a great experience if you minimize the number of mistakes that are likely to happen while camping. The Camping mistakes that I’ve mentioned above can be a lifesaver if you adopt them with the mind. 

Just follow the things that I’ve said in this post and you’ll have a great time camping! 

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