14 breathtaking libraries around the world

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10. The Public Library, New York

One of the most famous libraries in the world and home to various talks and presentations, as well as it’s vast collection of books, The Public Library is a place for everyone to learn. With over 50-million items, ranging from traditional books to digital media, the lovingly curated collection which has been built up over 150-years provides a peaceful respite from the buzz of the big apple. More info

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11. Carolina Rediviva, Uppsala, Sweden

Mixing clean-white bookshelves with chandeliers, this grand building which completed construction in 1841 is a gem. In the reading rooms, height wins, from tall windows to tall columns, it’s an open space perfect for flicking through a few chapters. In the main hall though, home to some 5-million books, you’ll be blown away by the light colours and imposing light pieces. The collection boats the ‘Silver Bible’, a 6th-century rare manuscript and map collection that is an exciting draw for visitors to this part of Uppsala, and the hand-written music notations by none-other than Mozart himself. More info.

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The National Library of Finland

The National Library of Finland

12. The National Library of Finland

I stumbled upon this one by complete accident after exploring Helsinki Cathedral which is just across the road. The Helsinki University Library by Anttinen Oiva Architects has won awards for it’s white, futuristic curved ceilings but if you like your libraries served up with domed ceilings and intricate art-work, then the National Library of Finland is well worth popping your head in to.

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13. Stuttgart City Library, Germany

Opened in 2011 the ultra-modern, white lines of the 40-metre high public library room in Stuttgart is a sharp contrast to the orantate finishings of its sister in Weimar. From the outside, this box-shaped building really comes alive at night with the glowing light from each of its large square windows. Inside, its well-placed staircases and leading lines make for more than the perfect Instagram shot, they make a great place to settle into your favourite novel. With a nod to how public libraries should be open to all, on the four sides of the hall you can find the word Library in German, English, Arabic and Korean. More Info.

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14. Lincoln College Library, Oxford, UK

A converted church, the Lincoln College Library in Oxford is now a beautiful University study space. The 18th-century All Saints Church only re-opened as a library in 1975 while retaining the grandeur of its former life. With a range of modern study literature and early classics including theatre and a dedicated Hebrew collection, the main draw for visitors to Oxford is the architecture of the building itself. You are able to visit Lincon College as a small group in stipulated visitor hours. More info.

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