15 Best Things to do in Burlington, Vermont (with Photos)

Because of its lovely parks, exciting outdoor activities, and a host other things to do in Burlington, Vermont it really deserves to be a part of your travel bucket list. A city located in northwestern Vermont, shops, restaurants, beaches, and a very popular lake, Burlington VT surely has a lot for visitors.

Whether you prefer a calm and peaceful vacation, or you want to have an exciting and thrilling adventure, you can’t go wrong here! Burlington is also the biggest city in Vermont. Hence, it’s the perfect base to explore other great places to see in Vermont. 

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In this article, we’ve listed down all the best things to do while you’re in Burlington. This list will help you discover the places and things that you could possibly do, especially if you’re only planning to stay in Burlington for a short period of time.

Best Things to do in Burlington, Vermont

1. Burlington Bike Path

15 Best Things to do in Burlington, (VT) Vermont
Photo by NNECAPA Photo Library CC BY 2.0

An outdoor activity that will surely get you hyped. On the Burlington Bike Path, you can bike through an easy trail that crosses beaches and parks. And while you’re on your way, you’ll be able to see stunning views of Lake Champlain, the Adirondacks, and the city. A great experience to remember!

2. Church Street Marketplace

15 Best Things to do in Burlington, (VT) Vermont
Photo by Church Street Marketplace CC BY 2.0

The ideal place for people that want to enjoy shopping. This place has a lot to people of all ages, plenty of restaurants, and shops. You can also enjoy shows from street entertainers, visit historical architectures, and join year-round festivals. Never miss this one when you’re looking for things to do in Burlington.

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3. Burlington Waterfront Park

15 Best Things to do in Burlington, (VT) Vermont2
Photo by Kristy Dactyl CC BY 2.0

If you want to enjoy a perfect day with your family, friends or partner, then the Waterfront Park is the place for you. It is a beautiful park that offers magnificent views of the lake. If you don’t like to just walk, you can rent a sailboat to go around the lake. Make good memories here!

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4. Lake Champlain Ferries

15 Best Things to do in Burlington, (VT) Vermont
Photo by Artur Staszewski CC BY-SA 2.0

For a unique yet memorable experience, head to Lake Champlain and board a ferry from Port Kent, New York to Burlington, and enjoy a beautiful view while you’re on a one hour ride!

5. Burlington Farmers’ Market

15 Best Things to do in Burlington, (VT) Vermont
Photo by Church Street Marketplace CC BY 2.0

Lots of locally produced products are found here. Fresh foods, cheese, plants, and a lot more. If you will go to Burlington, then you shouldn’t miss buying something here. You can also buy things like souvenirs.

6. Frog Hollow Craft Center

It’s a craft center that features a gallery, arts, a shop, and crafts classes. If you get interested or you find a certain craft really unique then you can buy some. From gifts, paintings, pottery, jewelry, and even hand lotion, there is a lot to choose from!

7. Burlington Centennial Field

If you’re a big fan of baseball, then you might have heard about the Centennial Field. This is the home of the Vermont Lake Monsters of the New York Penn League. It’s a great park for people who wants to have a relaxing day.

8. North Beach Park

15 Best Things to do in Burlington, (VT) Vermont
Photo by Tony Webster CC BY-SA 2.0

A beautiful beach in Lake Champlain that has a really nice view. If you want to spend your day relaxing, and swimming, then North Beach Park is for you. You can also do camping here if you chose to stay overnight. Such a really nice place!

9. University of Vermont

15 Best Things to do in Burlington, (VT) Vermont
Photo by rachaelvoorhees CC BY 2.0

A unique tour at the University of Vermont will complete your Vermont trip. The campus is big and has a lot of amazing facilities for students. Visitors would surely enjoy a short trip to this university.

10. Foam Brewers

A paradise for beer lovers! Have a tasting tour and watch the sunset as this brewery also has a great location in which you can view the lake from here. Never miss this one, great beer, great location, and a great experience.

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11. Perkins Pier

A beautiful pier that is perfect for a walk. Enjoy the scenery and have a lovely time with your friends or family. Especially if you want to have some peace and quiet time. 

12. Mad River Distillers Burlington

Mad River Distillers Burlington offers an extensive selection of bitters and cocktail mixers from across the country. They also offer tasting flights of spirits every day and craft cocktails from Thu-Sun.

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13. Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

This art deco theater hosts a variety of international, national, and regional performances. It has 150 seats. So if you enjoy watching shows like bands, orchestras, plays, dances, choruses, etc, then don’t forget to add this to your bucket list.

14. Burlington Community Boathouse Marina

Watch the ferry come and go in Burlington Community Boathouse Marina. But not only that, but you can also enjoy the view of the Adirondack Mountains across the lake. A perfect place especially for sunset watching. 

15. Battery Park

15 Best Things to do in Burlington, (VT) Vermont
Photo by summonedbyfells CC BY 2.0

This is a public park overlooking Lake Champlain. You can enjoy a picnic here if you want. And if you also want to see the best sunset in Vermont, then this is the place to be! 

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Things to do with 3 days in Burlington, Vermont

15 Best Things to do in Burlington, (VT) Vermont
Gautam Krishnan

Day 1 in Burlington, Vermont

Waterfront ParkHave a peaceful and relaxing first day on your Burlington trip. This park offers a very beautiful view of the lake. You can also rent a sailboat if you want.

Day 2 in Burlington, Vermont

Burlington Bike PathThis is an absolutely recommended place in Burlington! Ride a bike in an easy trail that crosses beaches and parks. Hence, while riding you’ll be able to see a lot of beautiful views.

North Beach ParkAfter an adventurous time riding a bike, relax and take a rest at the North Beach Park. And if you want to stay overnight here, just bring a tent because you can do camping. Really something to look forward to!

Day 3 in Burlington, Vermont

Church Street MarketplaceFinally, on your last day, going to Church Street Marketplace is highly recommended. Enjoy shopping, eating at restaurants, and witness street shows. This place really has a lot of activities that await you. Don’t miss the chance!

Frequently Asked Questions about Burlington, Vermont

15 Best Things to do in Burlington, (VT) Vermont
Gautam Krishnan

1. Is it safe to travel to Burlington, VT?

Visitors can rest assured that Burlington is safe. Only very few crimes happen in the city. Consequently, tourists can really enjoy their vacation without worrying about anything bad.

2. When is the best time to visit Burlington, VT?

Since Burlington has a lot of outdoor activities, it is recommended to visit during the summer season. However, if you want to see the beauty of fall foliage, the best time to go there is from September to October. 

3. How to get to Burlington VT?

To go there, you should book a flight going to Burlington International Airport. Here are the top airlines that operate in Burlington Airport:

JetBlue Airways, Delta, American Airlines, United Frontier Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Air Canada, Qatar Airways, Korean Air, Air France, Aeromexico, KLM, Etihad Airways, Copa, Japan Airlines, Emirates

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