15 Best Things to do in Gold Coast (Australia)

Here’s a list of the 15 best things to do in Gold Coast (Australia), along with famous landmarks, museums, and other points of interest.

Surfers Paradise Beach

Surfers Paradise Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Gold Coast area. It is situated right along the central business district and offers 2 km of lovely sand.

All the facilities you would expect like lifeguards, restaurants, shops, etc. are available here. The mix of highrises on one side and the fantastic waters of the Pacific Ocean on the other is a real marvel.

As the name suggests the beach is a great spot for surfing and has been one of the hotspots of this sport for decades.   

Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain is 40 km west of Gold Coast and offers a fantastic change of scenery if you are tired of beaches. The plateau around which the Tamborine Mountain is set is situated on an altitude of 550 m above the sea level.

There are fantastic rainforests that are waiting to be explored here as well as waterfalls and a handful of lovely villages. Due to its climate, the area is very well suited for winemaking so if you like wine make sure not to visit one of the wine estates found here.

Tamborine Mountain

Whale Watching (Spirit of Gold Coast)

The Spirit of Gold Coast is one of the best agencies when it comes to organizing whale watching tours. Due to the popularity of whale watching in Gold Coast, there are many operators found here.

What sets Spirit of Gold Coast apart is its purpose-built Catamaran that offers guests an amazing 360° view of the surroundings. The Cruises are led by a professional team and usually take around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The best thing about all of this is that if you don’t see any whales the travel agency will offer you a free trip so that no one has to leave Gold Coast without meeting the whales.   

Whale Watching in Gold Coast Australia

Point Danger

Point Danger is a scenic look-out spot next to Coolangatta Beach south of Gold Coast. The site is very popular with tourists as it offers a great view over numerous surrounding beaches and the lovely waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Many people come here to picnic as there are plenty of tables that can be used free of charge. Right next to Point Danger is the Captain Cook Memorial dedicated to the British explorer James Cook.

Point Danger

Photo: Giselle Almarza / Shutterstock.com

Warner Bros. Movie World

Warner Bros. Movie World is a great theme park promising a day full of fun for all members of the family. There is a good reason why it is one of Gold Coast’s most popular destinations.

This theme park offers not just a great choice of thrill rides, family rides and playgrounds but also a great choice of exclusively licenced shows featuring many of your kid’s favourite superheroes like Batman or funny characters like the Looney Tunes.

Warner Bros. Movie World Gold Coast

Photo: ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock.com

Currumbin Beach

Currumbin Beach is just a few kilometers south of Gold Coast and serves as a great alternative to the Surfers Paradise Beach in case you like it a little more relaxed and quiet.

The beach is known for its bizarre rock formations and great surfing conditions. Even though the beach is not very crowded there are lifeguards on duty here making sure everyone stays safe.

Currumbin Beach is great for learning how to surf and there are plenty of surfing schools found here as well.

Currumbin Beach

Kirra Beach

Kirra Beach is a great stretch of sand located right next to the Gold Coast Airport south of Currumbin Beach. The beach is very wide and ideally suited for kids who want to play in the sand.

Thanks to its large size, everyone gets to have enough space here while at the same time not having to do without a nice selection of restaurants and accommodation options.

On the southern end of the beach, you will find the Kirra Beach Lookout which offers a great view over the area and shouldn’t be missed.

Kirra Beach

Lamington National Park

Lamington National Park is found 45 km south-west of Gold Coast and offers fantastic forests that are completely untouched except for a network of hiking trails.

If you like hiking you will find this national park a real treasure chest. The rainforests found here are very serene and at the same time serve as the home of very diverse wildlife including many endangered species.

The best place to start hiking is Binna Burra which serves as the gateway to the park.

Lamington National Park

SkyPoint Observation deck

Gold Coast is home to the second-tallest structure in the entire southern hemisphere, the 322 meter-high Queensland Number One.

The main reason to come here is the fantastic SkyPoint Observation Deck which offers an incredible 360° view of the coast and the lush hinterlands of Gold Coast.

The deck is located on the 77th floor and can be reached with an elevator that needs almost a full minute to get up here. Apart from the observation deck the skyscraper also offers an interesting museum, a resort and a spa.

SkyPoint Observation deck

SkyPoint Climb

SkyPoint Climb is an interesting guided walk that leads along the exterior of the Queensland Number One. The climb starts at the observation deck and leads all the way to the top of the building.

The trip from the observation deck to the top takes around 90 minutes. Every participant receives a specially designed climb suit and a full-body harness to guarantee safety at any time.

The SkyPoint Climb is a really great experience if you are comfortable with heights and want to experience something completely new.

Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast

Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast is a fantastic water park located near the Pacific Highway a few kilometers west of Gold Coast’s Surfers Paradise Beach.

The park offers an incredible array of water slides, some thrilling and adrenaline-inducing and other suitable for families with children. There is also a great wave pool found here as well as whirlpools that are great for relaxing.

WetnWild Gold Coast

Photo: Martin Valigursky / Shutterstock.com

Coolangatta Beach

Coolangatta Beach is not quite as long as some of the others found in Gold Coast but is nevertheless a very popular spot due to its good infrastructure and width.

Similar to most other beaches of the region it offers fantastic surfing conditions and lovely sand that is ideal for sunbathing or playing. Coolangatta Beach is known for its great sunsets.

Lifeguards are on duty throughout the day to ensure safety for swimmers and surfers alike.

Coolangatta Beach

Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park is mostly known for its fantastic untouched rainforests and the impressive Purling Brook Falls. This horsetail waterfall has a total height of around 100 m and is especially after rainfalls a real spectacle.

There is a good network of hiking trails found here that offers great access to many scenic spots that are also ideally suited for nature photography.

The Springbrook National Park also offers a few campsites that can be used for overnighting in this natural area.

Waterfall in Springbrook National Park

Take Surf lessons

Gold Coast is known for its amazing surfing locations and has made a name for itself all around the globe, what better place to learn surfing then here?

All of the beaches of the area offer a good choice of surf schools that offer private training for beginners as well as intermediate surfers. There are also group courses on offer that are great for meeting new people.

Surfing gold coast

Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

Gold Coast’s highlight for shopping lovers is without a doubt the Pacific Fair Shopping Center located just west of Broadbeach. All the major international brands are represented at this gigantic mall.

No matter if you are looking for luxury items or are bargain hunting, the Pacific Fair Shopping Center will satisfy your needs. There is also a great cinema here and food courts that make sure no one has to go shopping on an empty stomach.

Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

Photo: ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock.com

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