15 Tips on Your Next Hostel Dorm Stay [Tips for First-Time Backpackers]

It’s been a while since I stayed in a Hostel dorm, Jonathan and I used to book a private room in a Hostel or even Hotels sometimes it’s way cheaper than booking 2 dorm beds. So during my recent solo trip from Nicaragua to Panama I actually book a bed in a dorm room, rekindling the old solo backpacking days in South East Asia.

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Here are the realizations and tips I can give you for your next hostel dorm stay

1. If you will be staying in the Fan room – choose the upper bunk bed so it will be colder for you at night. If the room is AC, then choose the lower bunk bed, it will be colder at night.

2. Bring a towel unless you’re willing to pay extra and rent it. Personally, I don’t have a towel, I have a “malong” cloth that I use as a skirt, towel and blanket.

15 Tips on Your Next Hostel Dorm Stay
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3. If you like privacy then hang your bed sheet or malong to cover your side bed.

4. Always keep your valuables safe, if the hostel doesn’t have a locker then you’re way better off sleeping beside your important belongings.

5. Don’t be shy, the best travel buddies I’ve met are from the dorm rooms!

15 Tips on Your Next Hostel Dorm Stay

6. If your dorm mates invite you for a drink and if you don’t like drinking, join them still! Buy water and put lemon in it!

7. If you decide to take a shower – do it early morning or late at night so you don’t have to wait for other hostel guests.

8. Always bring your toiletries – small shampoo, tissue, soap, and toothpaste

15 Tips on Your Next Hostel Dorm Stay

9. Please always clean after yourself when using the communal area – kitchen, living room, bathroom. Your mom is not here to clean up for you!

10. Never steal – food, drinks or anything, not yours. It always happens in a communal kitchen!

11. Never fart!

12. Don’t drink that much that you have to throw up inside the dorm room!

13. If you’re in Asia or Latin America, PLEASE never throw the toilet paper in the toilet bowl! Use the trash bin!

14. Don’t expect to relax and sleep properly if you decide to stay in a party hostel!

15. Party hostels usually stop the music by 3 or 5 in the morning, so be prepared to sleep in the morning or stay away from it!

15 Tips on Your Next Hostel Dorm Stay

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