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People call Himachal Pradesh the Heart Of India due to its picturesque, attractive, and charming state. Moreover, this beautiful place comprises splendid mountains, amazing temples, and mind-blowing lakes. Besides that, it will make your tour worth cherishing.

This out-of-the-world place not only comprises stunning places but also for its adventurous sports. Therefore, you can enjoy adventure sports activities like angling, mountaineering, fishing, and lots more. Some of the great tourist attraction of this place is here:

Kullu A Place For Enjoying Snow Games

There is hardly anyone in this world who won’t include Kullu in its itinerary while planning its trip to Himachal Pradesh. It is a wonderful place where you can enjoy icy glaciers, breezy winds, and several famous icing games. It is a perfect place that offers peace to the mind and soul. This mesmerising place will thrill you to the core level and please your wanderlust.

Manali That Add Beauty And Splendour To All Moments

Though Manali is a small hill station famous for its beauty and splendor, the amazing aura of this place makes it worth visiting. And after Kullu, you can make a plan to visit this place. The place is known for its charming landscape, tweets of the singing birds, fertile green vegetation. You can also enjoy icy glaciers’ slow-motion movements.

Shimla Boasts To Have Splendid Architecture

Shimla is famous among people for its marvellous architecture like the new gothic christ church. Hence, you can hang out at Mall road and go to the Ice Skating Carnival in November. Henceforth, it is a beautiful place having all the natural bounties. Green hills and has snow-capped peaks surrounds it. The place derives its name from Shyamala Devi, which is an incarnation of Goddess Kali. Its temple is situated in a dense forest covering the Jakhu Hills in the early 19th Century.

Chamba Will Touch Your Soul and Senses

It is a small town that is known for its natural beauty that touches your soul and senses. Besides that, this place is wonderful in its way, and it can delight everyone in its way. This beautiful valley has magnificent places having snowy ranges offering hospitality and warmth to everyone. It is the most beautiful Himachal Pradesh valley that has sparkling streams, dense alpine trees, ancient lakes and fertile valleys. The place boasts of having marvellous architecture. It comprises mind-blowing miniature paintings and fine architecture of temples.

Dharamshala Has A Magnificent Range Of Tempting Trees

While entering Dharamshala, you will feel as you have enter the place where many Tibetan live. Furthermore, it is an welcoming place where people love to visit again and again. The Dharamshala’s hilly town stretches alongside the Dhauladhar mountain range in the Kangra district’s upper stretch. The place is present in the magnificent range of conifer, pine and deodar forests. There are umpteenth number of tourist places that you can visit over here. There are a vast range of beautiful places that you can visit, like St John in the Wilderness Church, War Memorial, Dal Lake, Bhagsu Falls, Tea Garden and many other places.

Dalhousie Endowed With Vintage Charm

Dalhousie is known as Switzerland of India as it is one of the flawless and ultra-gorgeous hill towns on the Himalayan’s Dhauladhar ranges. It has lush green mountains, cool mountain breezes, shiny rivers, and colonial architecture. It is one of the beautiful towns that has preserved its natural beauty and boasts of having a vintage charm. So you would not do justice to your trip if you miss out on these amazing places like Khajjiar, Panchpula, Satdhara Falls, Rang Mahal, Tibetan Market, Chamunda Devi Temple. You can plan your trip to this amazing place and enjoy the beauty of this amazing place.

Kangra Enjoy Out Of This World Beauty

Kangra is the land of ancient Trigarta present on the lower valley of beas and its tributaries. Therefore, it is one of the famous hill stations of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. Besides that, mughals have ruled over it for many years, and in the end, it was ruled by an Indian emperor. All history enthusiasts can visit this place and enjoy its out of the world beauty. Along with that, you can visit the baijnath temple, whose stunning architecture give a treatment to your human eye. It can cause stimulation in the human brain. You can also visit Pragpur village, a classic example of small red brick shops and boasts of having traditional rural houses.

Kasauli Has Unrivalled Majestic Charm

Kasauli is a beautiful place that boasts to have a lush green landscape, snow-clad mountains and hiking trails. Henceforth, it has an architecture that justifies the theme of the hiker’s paradise. Due to its natural beauty, it becomes a temporary abode for nature lovers. It has a mesmerizing charm of its majestic. It surrounds with a peaceful environment that makes it a charming place where you can travel solo or with your friends.

Hamirpur Offers You Picturesque Landscape

Hamirpur is a quiet, beautiful and picturesque place puts its name int the name of King Hamir Chand. Therefore, this city boasts to have a glorious history. Many people love to visit this place due to its pleasant climate, at the time of winters. The town has a most number of roads, making it one of the city’s popular places. One can plan to Sujanpur Tira, which is a great place love among many people. You can enjoy several adventurous sports like trekking, Paragliding, and river rafting. It is a wonderful place that many Hindu pilgrims visit every year.

Parwanoo Take You Away From Hustle And Bustle Of City Life

Parwanoo is a wonderful tourist destination having amazing orchards, greenery, mountains surrounding it. Due to a wonderful landscape beauty, you will get an enough of rich places that attract lots of travellers from each corner of the world. You can also view it as a splendid destination that is ideal for nature walks and trekking. So you can turn to this place if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. The city is a perfect amalgamation of gardens, religious sites, forts and other beautiful places. You can visit Kali Mata Mandir, Pinjore Garden, Mansa Devi Temple, Shri Balaji Temple, Gurudwara Nada Sahib and many more.

Solan Make You Happy To The Core Level

Solan is a peaceful, scenic place that is surrounded by hills, forests and mountains. This pace has a Shoolini Temple that has great importance among natives. You can visit the tempting mountain ranges of Nalagarh and the wonderful Hubban valley that are mind-blowing that people love to visit. Solan is called the Mushroom City of India and The city of Red Gold. The place is situated at an elevation of 1600m above sea level. It is one of the largest cities of Himachal Pradesh. Once visiting this place, you will see a perfect potpourri of religion, culture, history and arts.

Pragpur Is A Classic Example Of Ornamental Village

It is India’s first heritage village present in the Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh. Therefore, the place is famous for its ornamental village tank, slate-roof houses, cobbling streets, mud-plaster houses and many more. Many travelers from across all parts of the world pay a visit to this amazing destination and soak themselves in the area’s heritage feel. It is a wonderful place where people can explore the local craft. There are many fun-loving activities that tourists can enjoy over here like bird watching, trekking, pilgrimage places, fishing and many more. This beautiful land fill with mesmerising flowers during the spring season.

Sirmour A Soul Soothing Place Attracts Many Tourists

Swathed between the charming hills, Sirmour is an attractive town situated in the Himachal Pradesh’s state. Moreover, this place is famous for its natural beauty and hemming in the superb Shivalik valleys. It is a soul-soothing place have several tourist attractions like Rani Taal, Paonta Sahib Gurudwara, Simbalbara Sanctuary, Shivalik Fossil Park, Gurudwara Bhangani Sahib and lots more and the wonderful places allure travellers from all across the world.

Chail Take A Break From Your Monotonous Life

Chail is a beautiful place tucking in the nature’s arms, and it is pack up with many mesmerizing tourist attractions. Also, the place is a perfect escape for the people who want to take a break from their monotonous life. Moreover, it is a perfect place that one can visit for relaxation, rejuvenation and tranquillisation. From solitude, spirituality, romance, serenity, you can avail of anything from this place, as it will never disappoint you. Sadhupul Lake has pristine water, and it offers you a lush green environment where you will enjoy a rustic and unique charm.

Una Give Yourself A Spiritual Retreat

Una is one of the spiritual places where many tourists worldwide feel the divine presence of God. This place is one of the famous religious and cultural hubs, present in the lush green hills of Himachal Pradesh. Besides that, this place is famous for its pious shrine that symbolises Hindu Goddess Chintpurni. It is a beautiful temple, and it is one of the famous Shakti Peeth, which is devoted to the Supreme Goddess Shakti. There are several locations that you can make a plan while visiting there, like Kutlehar Forts, Sheetla Devi Temple, Ashram, Baba Rudran, Bharwain and many more.

Mcleodganj A Little Lhasa Of India

Mcleodganj is a wonderful place and it is famous as the Little Lhasa. Here, one can experience Tibetan and Indian culture where people live in harmony and enjoy each other’s company. Besides that, this city has all the elements that can allure anyone to enjoy mesmerizing idyllic landscape. From pleasing weather conditions to tantalizing trekking trails, and vibrant culture you will enjoy everything. It is one of the tempting locations where people worldwide pay their visit to enjoy its natural beauty.

Spiti Valley Offers You Tibetan Culture Essence

Do you want to experience an authentic Tibetan culture essence and want to taste salty and buttery tea? Then you can visit this place as you will lose yourself in mind blowing ravines and emerald waterfall. The moment you come across Himalayan ranges, you will feel as if your senses have come alive. There are several lakes like Dhankan and Chandrataal that will keep you spellbound with its majestic beauty. Kunzum and Baralacha passes are so beautiful that they will take you to the top of the world with its daunting attitude.

Kasol Offers The Perfect Ambience

Kasol is a petite yet beautiful town located on the suburb of river Parvati suburb in the soulful environment of Himachal Pradesh. It is an easy-going and quiet place in the Himalayan ranges where every Indian would love to visit once in its lifetime. Apparantly, it is an apt gateway for all those people who love to surround themselves with snow. You will get one of the most cherishable and memorable experiences that is hard to get at any other place. Indeed, this place provides you with the perfect ambience and tempting food that you can enjoy.

Himachal Pradesh is a majestic, mystical and mesmerizing tourist location where people worldwide come to visit this place. It is one of the enthralling places that showcase its rich heritage culture and adds a sense of refreshment to each location. So, here I have mentioned all the wonderful places to you to select all them as per your budget and interests. You will plan a great trip over here

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