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You may have read about lots of tips from different travelers but not all of them seem helpful right? 

From a general point of view, I’m bringing you the 21 Best travel tips and tricks that are meaningful for you. Most travelers make mistakes initially on their travel journey, they are not prepared for what’s coming and are unaware of tips that will help them in getting through unfamiliar situations. 

So that’s why now I’ve made this 21 stuff guide that you should read if you don’t want to be someone who doesn’t know how to help yourself in a completely new environment or you may miss something valuable at the destination.

Even I adopt these travel tips to help me get stable everywhere I go and explore the place more wisely. These all prove to be helpful tips in traveling the world.

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Let’s get started with our lineup, here are my favorite best 21 tips and tricks in the world:

1. Try street food

It’s a valuable tip for every traveler and I think that if you don’t try the street food of some country then you are really lacking something on your trip. Every country has its own kind of street food that tastes differently so you can’t find that things anywhere else except that place, so this means that you are missing out on the opportunity to experience the popular street food of that country.

2. Don’t pack liquid items in your bag

Do not take liquid items like Ketchup, Shampoo, etc. You’ll end up spreading all the liquid in your travel bag resulting in the stain on your clothes and other items. You can buy shampoo there and I guess this is better than making your essentials worse.

3. Don’t forget to take a towel with yourself

I always carry a towel with myself, It can be helpful for me anytime without letting me know obviously. So it’s a common thing that you should carry a towel with yourself, maybe somewhere you will need it after swimming, etc. Carrying a towel isn’t a big deal it’s so light.

4. Carry Photocopies of Passport and other key documents

You should carry many copies of the passport or National Identification Proof when you are traveling. Help yourself by having an e-copy of your passport too. In case your passport gets lost, you will have the copies of passport for any verification.

5. Don’t Show your expensive stuff while out

Never ever do this! There are a lot of snatchers and pickpockets roaming out there. If you show your expensive stuff, don’t be surprised if you get robbed. Try to keep them inside your front pockets(not the back ones), keeping in a bag is not safe too(we’ll come to this later).

6. Don’t over-plan your schedule

Yes, over-planning might kill your day. You will always have in mind the things to do that day and you’ll always be in a hurry to get to the next thing, in that rush you’ll never ever be able to enjoy the present destination. Your mind will always roam around to the next thing as you have planned a really busy schedule. 

So try to only 2-3 things a day so that you can take your complete time to discover that.

7. Don’t place all your items at one place

If you place all your items in one place then your small mistake is gonna make you lose all your essentials. 

Take the bag thing earlier, I told you not to put your expensive items in a bag too, chances are you can lose your bag or forget it somewhere else while you are daydreaming. 

What you have to do is place items at different places, If by chance, one thing loses so it will not affect the other, okay! 

8. Travel solo at least once

I highly recommend you to take Solo Travel Trips. I know it seems a bit scary but it’s worth it. Traveling solo helps us in finding ourselves, we get to know the real us. You learn a lot when you travel solo. For the first time, you’ll be uncomfortable with being alone in the environment but I swear you’ll have the best time of your life. You’ll come up with new lessons 🙂

Here are some must to read articles on solo travel:

9. Don’t take taxis unless extremely important

Taxis are not budget-friendly and It is not a good choice unless you need to reach there. Instead of this take public transport this will help you in saving a good amount of money.

10. Learn the basics of the native language of your travel destination 

You should learn the basic phrases of the language of the country you are going to travel to. This will help you connect well with the locals and they’ll enjoy it too. No need to master the language unless you are interested, just learn basic words like:

“Hello”, “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening”, “Thank You”, “Welcome” etc.

11. Dress like a natives

Dressing like locals will help you in setting yourself up in the native environment and the locals will be pleased too in seeing you in a native outfit too. Moreover, you’ll give yourself a new look which is a pretty cool thing, isn’t it?

12. Do not take a direct flight

It’s the most popular travel tip if you are going on a budget-friendly trip. Direct Flights are way more expensive. Also, there are different search engines like Momondo, Skyscanner which helps you to find cheapest flights and all they provide all those stats such as which month is the cheapest to fly and on which day the ticket price is lowest, etc.

13. Most of the Cafes and Restaurants have Free Wi-Fi

Whenever you go to a cafe or restaurant check for a free wi-fi connection there or ask someone there. You can surf the internet without any charge 🙂

14. A first-aid kit is a must

You need to carry a basic first-aid kit so that if you have got some little or mild injury you can heal that by yourself. I always carry a basic first-aid kit in my bag, it’s a very important thing to note.

15. Use Google Lens 

Google lens is incredibly helpful for travelers as you can just open the app and point at the things you want to know about. Moreover, If there is something written in the unfamiliar language you can scan that too, and Google will translate that for you. One of my most favorite tools of all time.

16. Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Indeed, you do not need to hesitate at all while asking for someone to assist you. If you forgot your location or gone to the wrong way just ask straight to the locals reasonably, they are ready to help you. Just be polite and peaceful to them.

17. Give your Bag a Significant sign

There are numerous same bags and luggage out there in the world, how would you differentiate them from yours. Just mark something on your bag or draw something on it to make it look different and you can easily identify your bag among them.

18. Know about culture and customs before you go

Reading about the customs of your destination will help you in being a nice traveler. If you do something which is against the customs of the country then you’ll definitely end up in offending the people there. For instance, In India women cannot wear short dresses while visiting any spiritual place like temples, etc. 

Make sure you do your research before visiting!

19. Search for Instagrammable Spots around the location

If you are an Instagram lover like me, then make sure to seek inspiration from sources about the Most instagrammable and photogenic places across your locations. Trust me your gallery will gain more charm.

You can find amazing places on Instagram:

  • Just go into the explore tab 
  • Click on the search bar
  • You’ll see four tabs just below the search bar.
  • You need to click the last one named – ‘Places’ and you’ll find perfect spots for your photography.

20. Track your expenses 

Note down your expenses so that you won’t run out of budget by spending unnecessarily on things you don’t need. If you are going on a budget-friendly trip then make sure you always track your expenses.

21. Take your earphones with you 

You know what’s irritating? When you can’t sleep just because of someone’s snoring. If you carry your earphones with you, these things will not disturb you in getting a peaceful sleep. 

Moreover, just create a Spotify Playlist before your trip so that you can listen to them and make some beautiful memories that will remind you of your trip whenever you’ll listen to the same music again.

So this was all these are my best travel tips and trick of all time, that’ll help you too!

What do you think about these? Let me know in the comments if you also have some tips and tricks to share with me.

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