5 Intriguing Activities to Experience in France

5 Intriguing Activities to Experience in France

Watching your favourite travel blogger post a picture-perfect video of Paris may immediately excite you to visit France. After all, it’s all about the live experience. And if you haven’t been to France before, it’s time to plan your tour. On this note, let’s explore the five intriguing activities to experience in France. Get ready to explore the true vibrancy of the place through these activities.

1. Cruising The Canals

France, being home to magnificent canals, can take you to the beautiful French countryside. You don’t require any experience for that reason! All you need is to know how to self-drive canal boats, for it offers an intriguing opportunity of cruising and tying up ashore!

It lets you enjoy the true magnificence of the scenery as you float past the villages. You get to select a perfect ‘port’ and settle into a comfy cabin. If you’re planning to visit Cap d’agde, you get a wide range of options for canal boat trips. Considering the accommodation cap d’agde, you’ll have a wonderful experience.

2. Treating Yourself Royally In A French Chateau

You can find extraordinary chateaux throughout the country; just Loire Valley features the most authentic one. The humble roots of chateau hotels date back to some 18th or 19th century! They are a perfect blend of modern comforts and old-world charm.

With the superbly manicured gardens or elegant turrets, you find an element of aristocracy right after entering it. Even if you plan to visit Hossegor, you can find the best Hossegor hotel and treat yourself royally.

3. A Bustling Market Visit

No wonder there’s nothing more ‘French’ than visiting a bustling market in a village! You will find a market in every town and village! You should consider the delightful experience of visiting a market in France. These markets are not just the shopping mecca of the town.

However, they are even the meeting place where locals come under one umbrella and exchange their emotions and cultures with one another. It’s a must to pay a visit to the local market of France and experience the true authenticity! No matter the season, the senses will get on overload with the colour & aromas of the baskets, handicrafts, and clothing.

4.  Having A Taste of The Mouth-Watering Seafood

Famous for the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines, France comes with a long seafaring history. After all, it’s home to the most delicious seafood worldwide. Tourists and locals enjoy feasting on the local delicacies at the seaside cafe or picnic on the local beaches.

The favorites are mussels (moules), scampi (langoustines), and oysters (huÓtres). No wonder there’s no reason you wouldn’t enjoy the local version of fish & chips, either! So, get the best out of the local cuisines in France by enjoying its seafood.

5. Riding through the Vineyards

It seems that Mother Nature has blessed France with the right climate and soil for growing healthy vines! That’s the reason why France is the largest producer of wine worldwide, with around 7-8 billion bottle production each year.

The Bottom Line

For producing such a large amount of wine, you require a lot of vines. So, that’s calls for praising the multiple vineyards in the country! You can enjoy watching the vineyards during the springtime. Who knows, the relaxed cycling pace may give you ample opportunity to admire those vines from one village to another?

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