5 Tips for Solo Travel Africa Picking the Right Safari:

5 Tips for Solo Travel Africa Picking the Right Safari: I have had two great really different safaris. One was “glamping” in the Okavango in Botswana. The other was in Sabi Sabi, South Africa at Kruger Park.

One of the best single vacations is to join a safari. Traveling alone in Africa may seem daunting. However, I have successfully journeyed through southern Africa and briefly in West Africa.

When planning a safari and looking for the best vacations for singles, consider the following:

5 Tips for Solo Travel Africa Picking the Right Safari:

1. Standard of travel:
Are you looking to be an explorer? Do you want the creature comforts back home?  Even 5-star safaris differ markedly in travel. For my first trip to sub-Sahara, I went on elephant-back in Botswana in the Okavango Delta. A friend and I shared a tent. It had wooden floors and outdoor showers. It did not lack creature comforts. The height was sufficient to stand up with plenty of headroom remaining. Generators provided light to delve into a novel at bedtime. For those so inclined, there was wine and beer 24/7. The library had reading materials for insomniacs. Notwithstanding all the luxury, there was a sense of being in Africa and in the bush.

On my second safari, I traveled to Kruger’s Sabi Sabi when I was in South Africa on business. Rather than tents, there was a comfortable lodge. It was surrounded by the bush. It was an option for those who preferred more traditional accommodations. I enjoyed it. However, I preferred the somewhat more rugged outdoors. Why” Because I had a more profound sense of being in Africa.

5 Tips for Solo Travel Africa Picking the Right Safari:

2. Price range: Safaris tend to be very expensive. Think about this factor when you are making plans. Some are even $1,000/day! Consider the cost of airfare as well. Lastly, as in all travel, off-season is the least expensive. The initial costs are lodging and airfare. In addition, game parks may have substantially higher rates during major holidays or high season.


5 Tips for Solo Travel Africa Picking the Right Safari:

3. Time available to travel: For many of us, the sheer distance to travel to Africa takes a minimum of 1 day out and 1 day back. However, local connecting flights can take ½ day coming and going.


5 Tips for Solo Travel Africa Picking the Right Safari:

4. Variable climate: Africa is generally thought of as being a very hot climate. In the daytime in Botswana in October, the temperatures when I was there reached about 44 degrees Centigrade. Since we started at daybreak and had a luxurious lunch under a canopy, the heat hardly penetrated. By late afternoon, we were back on elephant-back or by makoro (small canoes). By dinner time, temperatures had dropped substantially making eating outside very comfortable.
For those concerned about higher temperatures, I recommend you try South Africa in Sept. When I went to Kruger at that time, it was chilly enough to wear a jacket at sunrise. Ironically, my “safari” photos looked more like a day’s hike in New England!

5 Tips for Solo Travel Africa Picking the Right Safari:

5. Special interests in a geographic region, cultures or in specific natural habitats/wildlife. Both political commentators and travelers often speak of “Africa” as though it were one nation. In actuality, over the thousands of miles comprising the continent. There are hundreds of distinct languages and cultures and the terrain and wildlife vary considerably. So before booking your flight, think about whether your real desire. Is it to see gorillas in Uganda? Track Wildebeests during Kenya’s Great Migration? Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro?

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