5 Tips For Solo Travel With Pets In Australia

A guest post by Delan Cooper

5 Tips for Solo Travel with Pets in Australia

We all love our pets and want them to be with us everywhere we go. If you have traveled with pets, you know that it can be difficult. By taking a pet with you, you can create beautiful memories and save money on kennels, and not have to leave your pets with strangers. When traveling around Australia, there are things that you will need to keep in mind to ensure that your best friend is the safest they can be.

  1. A Leash Will Be Your Friend

It would be best to watch out for ticks, pests, snakes, and even the livestock and kangaroos in Australia. If your furry buddy tends to go running after the things they see, you will need to ensure that they stay on a leash. If they get loose, you might find that you have additional travelers on your trip, and they will be embedded in your pet’s fur.

If your pet is lucky enough to avoid ticks and pests that like to cause discomfort if you let them get loose, they can experience a snake bit which can be fatal, or run after livestock, and you may lose them entirely. In addition to that, the livestock might mistake your pet for a threat and try to stomp. Kangaroos are the same. If they feel threatened, it is an instinct for them to defend. Observe your pet carefully. Remember, keep them on a leash, and you can have them travel with you anywhere you wish while keeping them safe.

  1. A Friendly Experience

Luckily, Australia is a great country when it comes to pet-friendly accommodation. Because of their innovation, you will see that there are many pet-friendly hotels and dog-friendly hotels if you are traveling with a pooch. Suppose you are traveling through more popular areas such as Sydney. In that case, you will notice that many hotels offer wonderful rooms that provide amenities to keep families together and your pet pampered.

Another benefit of traveling around Australia? When you are looking for dog-friendly hotels or pet-friendly hotels, it’s not just the tiny areas that offer travelers help for their animals. The five-star hotels are offering rooms as well! Now it’s not just you that can enjoy luxurious decadence. Your best friend can too! However, one note to keep in mind is that hotels do not like you to leave your pet in the room alone, but there are some that offer to babysit your pet for you, and others offer walking services to help them get the best exercise possible. Other hotels have different rules for pets, and you may find that you find one that will let your pet stay in the room alone.

  1. The Plane

Before you can travel to Australia, you will need to get on a plane. An issue to be aware of is that your pet’s health and breed will determine if you can travel by airplane at all. If their health has met the specific requirements needed, you should know that your pet will not be able to fly in the cabin with you unless it is a recognized assistance animal.

You will also need your pet to travel in a crate that has been flight approved. If you haven’t gotten one already, you can find one from any of the following areas.

  • A major pet store
  • Directly from certain airline companies
  • Domestic airports (as long as it is not a small one)
  • Pet transport companies

For your dog’s health, in order to get them on the plane, you need to ensure that your dog’s shots, worms and other treatments plus other health issues are up to date. If your dog has been vomiting at all, you will not be allowed to take him or her with you. Ensure that your health is also the best possible so that you won’t have to delay your trip. Having a pet first aid kit with you is a good rule of thumb also. If you are intending to go to the national parks, this will be another issue that will cause problems since you won’t be able to take your pet with you. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  1. Have Protection In Place

No one wants to imagine what would happen if their pet gets lost. It would break your heart. You need to be able to avoid this issue when traveling by opting to make technology your friend. Many collars have GPS tracking inside them, so as long as your pet is wearing the collar, you can find them. By ensuring that your pet is protected, you won’t have to worry about them getting away from you or not being able to get them back if they do.

  1. Additional Areas

Because Australia is pet-friendly, especially for dogs, you can eat in outdoor dining areas with your pet. They must be leashed, cannot be fed on the premises, and must stay on the ground. While that sounds a bit restrictive, it gives pets a chance to enjoy the sghts and sounds of the city.

Pets will also be allowed on beaches to run and play freely as long as they are behaving. Some require that your dog be leashed, though rules vary. This is an excellent opportunity for you to have some fun in the sun as Australia is known for having unique beaches that are incredibly beautiful.

If you like exploring the cities and immersing yourself in the culture, take your dog with you. If you visit Sydney, you can check out the Harbour Bridge. Are you going to Brisbane? Take your puppy or kitty on a walk along the river. Are you a fan of beautiful gardens? Visit Melbourne with your pet and check out their famous Botanic Gardens.

Australia awaits you!

If you are looking for the best place to take your pet on a solo travel adventure, visit Australia! The entire country is pet-friendly. Australia offers among the world’s best pet-friendly, and especially dog-friendly hotels. Don’t wait. Make a plan now to enjoy the sights, the food, and the best adventure vacations for singles!


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