5 Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

5 Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

During this pandemic, many people have not been traveling as much. Flights were way down in 2020, and the airline industry lost a lot of money. However, now the FDA has approved a couple of vaccines, and more people should start traveling again throughout 2021.

If you are traveling this year for work or another reason, you might wonder how you can stay in shape along the way. Travel disrupts your usual routine, and you also might be dining out a lot during the trip. How are you to get a workout in when you’re on the road?

Let’s take a few moments to answer that question. We’ve listed some possibilities that should help you out in this regard.

You Can Walk Around Your Hotel

Let’s assume for a moment you’re staying in a hotel during your travels. One way you can keep in shape is to walk around the hotel’s neighborhood. This is a good idea because:

  • You get to explore a locale with which you are unfamiliar
  • It doesn’t cost you anything

Walking is a free workout, and you can check out the area around your hotel, which presumably is unfamiliar to you. You might find some interesting sights, like specialty stores, public parks, landmarks, etc.

Remember to watch out for traffic as you go, though. The NHTSA’s 2017 report stated that pedestrians made up 16% of US traffic fatalities for that year. If your hotel is in an area where there’s lots of traffic, stick to the sidewalks and away from the busiest streets.

Also, remember that if the hotel is in a dicey area, you’re better off not walking around. You can find other ways to work out.

You Can Use the Hotel Gym

You can also check out the hotel’s gym. Nearly all hotels have a gym or some type of exercise facility. Even the most basic ones usually have:

  • Some free weights
  • Some exercise bikes

You should be able to do some strength training and cardio there. Even if all they have are some yoga mats, you can do some stretching, sit ups, push ups, and other low-impact body-toning work.

If you’re in a fancier hotel, that will probably mean better workout facilities. Some high-end hotels have gyms that are every bit as good as an LA Fitness or any other popular chain.

You Can Go for a Jog

Assuming your hotel is not in a dangerous area, you can also go for a jog. If you enjoy jogging, and you feel that it’s likely you’ll do it at some point during your trip, you can bring along some jogging clothes.

If you’re in a warmer climate, you can bring along a tee-shirt, some shorts, and sneakers. If you’re going to be in a place with brisker weather, you might bring along a windbreaker or a hoodie.

You can get up early, go for a jog, then come back and shower. You’ll get a nice workout in before breakfast. It’s an invigorating way to begin your day.

You Can See if There’s a Hotel Pool

If you like to swim, you might see if the hotel has a pool as well. You might be able to swim some laps and burn some calories that way.

This plan will only work if the pool is big enough for you to swim laps. If the pool is tiny, you won’t have enough room to really get going.

You’ll also have to pick a time when there aren’t many people around. If the pool area is full of screaming children, that’s not an ideal spot to exercise.

You Can Work Out in Your Hotel Room

If all else fails, you may consider bringing a yoga mat on your travels. That way, you can stretch it out in your hotel and have a quick workout right there.

You can practice some yoga stretches in your room and stay limber. Maybe you have to work some kinks out from an uncomfortable flight.

You can also easily do some push ups and sit ups, or you might bring along some resistance bands. You can tie them around a doorknob and engage in several different stretches.

Depending on how long you’re at the hotel, you might also look into local yoga classes, Zumba classes, CrossFit, or whatever else appeals to you. Many local exercise establishments would be fine with you paying for a single class. If you’re creative, you can definitely still exercise while you travel.   

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