6 Famous temples of Sri Lanka |

When you arrive in this nation, you will fall in love with everything about it. Take a spiritual tour of Sri Lanka’s most important temples and other religious structures to learn about the country’s rich history.

Your visit will undoubtedly inspire you to re-establish faith and receive the blessings of the Almighty.

1. Gangaramaya Temple:

Gangaramaya Temple is a historic and well-known Sri Lankan temple. This temple, which is a blend of modern architectural and cultural spirit, is located in the city’s heart. Inside the temple, there is a wonderful Bodhi tree that serves as a type of attraction. This temple also has a significant collection of Buddhist art pieces from the past.

2. Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic:

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, where Gautama Buddha’s left Canine tooth is kept, is a world-famous place of worship. UNESCO designated the temple, which is visited daily by hundreds of local and foreign worshippers and visitors, as a world-historic site in 1988.

3. Thirukonamalai Konesar Temple:

It is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and well-known temples. This classical-medieval structure is one of the greatest sites to visit in Trincomalee, surrounded by the magnificent Swami Rock and Gokarna Bay. It is a very popular Hindu pilgrimage site and one of Lord Shiva’s five abodes.

4. Dambulla Cave Temple:

Located in the heart of Sri Lanka, Dambulla Cave Temple, also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla, is popular for its picturesque beauty. Worshippers may enjoy excellent views of the surrounding area from specific spots from the cave. The paintings on the walls are really ancient and beautifully done.

5. Muthiyangana Temple – Badulla

Muthiyangana Raja Maha Viharaya, also known as Muthiyangana Temple, is a Buddhist temple in Badulla, a town located 22.7 kilometres from Ella. The stupa has a long history reaching back to the 5th century BC, and it has remained a popular tourist and pilgrim destination in the country.

Muthiyangana Temple is one of Sri Lanka’s sixteen holy Buddhist temples. As per the legends, the current site of Muthiyangana Temple was the site where Lord Buddha preached during his third visit to Sri Lanka. A noble tribal leader had built the stupa, which was later turned into a temple complex by Sinhalese kings.

6. Sri Ponnambalam Vanesar Kovil – Colombo

This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. The high ceiling of the temple appears to be greatly influenced by the Srikalahasti Temple, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is also an ancient Hindu temple. Avoid visiting here on Tuesday and Friday as these days are considered to be the busiest days of the week.

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