6 Unique and Cool Things to Do in Europe [With Photos]

Europe might be popular for its rich culture and a big diversity of people. Travelers could be planning to see the most popular destinations of each country or visit the thousand years of historical attractions or they are simply curious about what this fascinating continent can show off to the rest of the world.


How about let’s take the other road? The unique one, take a break from the regular trip like walking around the stunning architectures of Greece, the magnificent ruins of Rome, the priceless beauty of Paris or the never-ending party in Spain. Imagine yourself doing a free fall from hundreds of meters above the ground, cycling from cities to cities, or experiencing ice diving in France.

Sounds crazy right? But yes, Europe can offer more than its alluring sightseeing, there’s more to see and do here. Keep reading and be thrilled while I’m showing the  Unique Things to Do in Europe, most of these things will cost you under 100 Euros! 

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Unique Things to Do in Europe Part 1
Arno Senoner

Do you love cycling? And at the same time can’t resist a wine glass a day? Take your love for the bike and wine to the next level and visit Austria. Austria is not only as popular as the best skiing location. Wine is also one of their world-class products. Aside from that, old towns and villages are must-see when visiting this country.

We all know that perfume in France is always trendy. Making your own perfume in this dazzling country won’t be that bad right? Grab the rare chance of creating your own fragrance with The House of Galimard which is the world’s Fragrance Capital.

Unique Things to Do in Europe Part 1
Photo by Bruce Tuten CC BY 2.0

Who expects that other than sailing in Greece or sightseeing around their elegant infrastructures, this lovely country also has a wild side? This bungee jump is no ordinary one as you will be jumping over the historical Corinth Canal. Try one of the challenging activities of your life as you take an adrenaline-pumping unique jump.

Unique Things to Do in Europe Part 1
Photo by Stephan Dufornee CC BY-ND 2.0

Italian cars are undeniably world-class; to drive a Ferrari is a must! No, you won’t just drive around the city of Maranello and show off this glamorous car, you will be experiencing a thrilling race in an F1 simulator. Driving with an official Ferrari pilot, an internal helmet camera will also take every moment of your fancy drive. Hear the breathtaking sound of the F430 engine with 0-100 km/h in just 4 seconds.

Unique Things to Do in Europe Part 1
Photo by Emma Wilson Public domain

Is a regular kart race is too lame for you? Fasten your seat belt as kart racing over the ice is now possible. If you’re looking for some fun activities during winter, this experience is one the best to do. Provided with the safety training and equipment, all you have to do is seat down and drive like Lewis Hamilton.

Unique Things to Do in Europe Part 1
Photo by Andrew CC BY 2.0

The all in one activity that composes of rock climbing, cliff jumping, and extreme diving. If you’re an adrenaline-seeker, this is perfect for you. This is the world’s newest challenge for extreme sports. The West-Coast of Ireland is a terrific place to try this action-packed activity. You’ll also get the chance to enjoy the charming nature view of this part of Ireland.

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