7 Iconic Attractions to Visit in Coventry

Located on River Sherbourne in West Midlands, Coventry is the perfect amalgamation of history, culture, sports, music, and art and has earned the title of the UK City of Culture for 2021. With three eminent universities–Coventry University, the University of Warwick, and Arden University–and many affordable student accommodations in Coventry, it has proudly bagged the fifth position in the list Best Student City in the UK by QS Best Student Cities Index 2022.

So whether you are planning to travel or study here, the city has plenty of magnificent tourist places to keep you indulged throughout. You can start with these seven iconic attractions to make the most out of your stay in this majestic city. 

Coventry Cathedral

Also known by The Cathedral Church of Saint Michael, Coventry Cathedral has an interesting history of death and rebirth. It is internationally recognised as the World Centre for Peace and Reconciliation that provides spiritual and practical support in conflicts worldwide.

Originally constructed between the late 14th century and early 15th century, The Cathedral partially survived the destruction in 1940 during the Coventry Blitz. Later, it was reconstructed in 1962 with the old cathedral kept in ruins as a remembrance, and a new one was built alongside. 

The Coventry Cathedral provides an excellent architectural and religious experience to the visitors and hosts many events throughout the year: concerts, art exhibitions, public lectures with other special events on Christmas, Easter, etc. The entry is free, and it is open every day all around the year. 

Coventry Transport Museum

For anyone, who is a motor lover or wants to gain in-depth knowledge about it, the Coventry Transport Museum is the perfect place to satiate their curiosity. 

Located in the Coventry City Centre, the museum accommodates the most extensive collection of British-made road transport with more than 200 bicycles, 100 motorcycles, and 240 cars and commercial vehicles. Some of the notable exhibits gracing the museum include Coventry-built Humbers, Jaguars, Standards and Triumphs; a 60-year-old Vintage Sleigh Ride, which has been widely popular amongst locals for generations; and Austin Metro, which Lady Diana once owned. 

The museum houses a full-time archive department where you can find many historical items and public inquiry service. In case you wish to seek assistance or witness the archive department, you have to contact the museum in advance. The admission is no longer free except for the locals. 

Coventry Music Museum

A multi-award-winning independent museum is a majestic place for all the music lovers out there. You will learn fascinating tales and the glorious development of music through the years. 

The museum, which was started in 2010, exhibits various musical instruments and is well-known for promoting homegrown artists. From 2-Tone Record to Delia Derbyshire to The Specials to Hazel O’Connor, have a permanent display here.

The museum hosts many interactive sessions and musical events, especially on the weekends. If you are in the city, make sure to check their website before you visit here.

Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

For all the history buffs and art connoisseurs, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum is the ideal place to enrich one’s mind by witnessing a massive collection of fine paintings, natural history specimens, and historical artefacts.

Coventry’s leading art gallery, located on Jordan Well, is one of the most popular free tourist attractions in the West Midlands. The museum depicts the city’s history from the manufacturing boom into the modern era. 

From The Lady Godiva painting by John Collier to the medieval objects like stonemasonry from a Benedictine Priory to archaeological artefacts from Stone Age ceramics to Anglo-Saxon tiles, You will get the chance to behold the impressive masterpieces gracing the museum for centuries.

Coventry University

Whether or not you are planning to study here, but taking a trip down to the beautiful campus of Coventry University is a treat that can change your mind instantly!

From a social media hub to various societies & clubs to rich exposure to the best budget-friendly accommodations near Coventry University, the place is perfect for growing both professionally and personally. 

War Memorial Park

Established in 1921, The War Memorial Park had been created to pay tributes to the Coventrians who died fighting in World War I. 

Spread across 48.5 hectares in southern Coventry, the scenic garden is a major amusement spot for locals and tourists who often come here to jog, run, cycle, and spend their day on a picnic. Many significant festivals are celebrated in the park in the summer and springtime, like the Godiva Festival, the Caribbean Festival, and the Donkey Derby.  

FarGo Village

A hub of creative and independent businesses housing several shops in container-like structures and renovated warehouses is a must-visit. You can find everything quirky, exotic, and unusual here, from vintage clothing stores to cafes, restaurants, and other vegan businesses.

A quick walk from the city centre, Fargo Village is located on Far Gosford Street, Coventry. 

Students residing in the city often come here from their student housing in Coventry to spend some good quality time with their friends and colleagues, relishing in these fun, quirky spaces like the Buddha Boutique and Oshin Art & Craft

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