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The Southernmost State of India – Kerala also known as “God’s Own Country” is a Perfect Destination for every Age Group to get a Break From Life. I myself Love Kerala, for me it’s the most amazing and healing place which will take you into a phase you’ve never been before. Visiting Kerala can be a great experience for any person.

Travelling in Kerala is a Dream for many but for those who haven’t yet know Why Kerala is a Special Place and What can you do there like Things to do in Kerala, Read this Post Till the end to Find out.

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Kerala is a Magical Little Paradise which most of the people prefer to get away from the unwanted chaos of the City Life. This place should be a part of your itinerary while Travelling in India( because it’s a not to miss place!!)

1. Different from the Rest of the States

One of the main reason why Kerala is a great destination is that it is different from the rest of the states. The Unique Look and Authentic landscapes are something that will undoubtedly please you at first sight. Palm Trees and Coconuts are a great deal in Kerala, You’ll find numerous places in this state which will make you fall in love with Kerala. 

Moreover, the tea plantation fields are amazing and looks extraordinary to tourists and visitors. 

2. People Of Kerala

Another thing that impresses me about Kerala is the Natives. They’re indeed so kind people and provide a great company to the outsiders. They’ll make you feel like home. So much of friendliness among them clearly shows us their amazing lifestyle. 

If anyway you encounter any problem, the natives are ready to help you! You can just ask for the assist 🙂 

3. The Backwaters

This Astonishing Location presented with Houseboats are one of the major attraction for the tourists in Kerala. Some of the Best Sites to enjoy the Backwaters are Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam, Kasaragod and Kuttanad.

Indeed, It is a wonderful feeling to Ride on these houseboats and it should be a part of your Things To Do in Kerala. Moreover, For Honeymoon Couples this houseboat ride seems to be a great option to spend time with their loved ones.

4. Spice, Tea and Coffee Plantation

Mesmerizing views of the Plantations can be witnessed in Kerala. With a variety of Plantations of Coffee, Tea and Spice, Kerala has a lot to offer to the Tourists. Munnar, Wayanad, Thekkady is known for the Best Plantations in Kerala, the landscapes are just gorgeous out there. 

Interacting with the locals while having a tour of these fields is good to go. You’ll get to know about the things from closer.

5. Picturesque Views

A Real Treat To eyes are the Landscapes in Kerala. The South Indian Beauties are no less than those in North India. You can Spot Enormous Mountains and Hills and you must not miss the views at any cost. Sunset points are great places to cease your day.

There’s lot more to explore than the Backwaters and Festivals. Moreover, the pleasant weather will make your trip even more amazing as it plays an important role in the journey!

6. Delightful Cuisine

Kerala offers a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines with a touch of native taste. There is something attractive about the food of Kerala that’ll catch you too. Maybe its the smell or the taste or maybe both. 

Mostly all food is cooked in Coconut oil and Served in Banana Leaf. In this way the food is unique of Kerala as compared to the rest of Indian Food.

7. Rich Culture and Heritage

Kerala is home to various Dance forms and Martial Arts that are widely well-known across the Nation. Number of Festivals and Cultural events takes place in Kerala that represents the Beauty of this state. One of the Dance Forms named Kathakali is Originated from Kerala and now it is performed in most parts of the Country. 

Onam or Boat Race are highly popular in the country and If you visit Kerala one day make sure to witness these awesome events.

So that was it, We’ve Talked about the reasons to visit Kerala this year. If you’re a Kerala Admirer then I hope you get some really amazing information and inspirations.

Thank you for reading this post till the end 🙂 

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