7 Tips For Taking Amazing Travel Photography

7. Research on Cultural Etiquette

If you plan on capturing the beautiful imagery of foreign countries, you should make sure that you research the culture of the place. Don’t be that obnoxious tourist who barges into new territory as if they own the place. You have to respect the rules of your destination so that you can get along harmoniously with the people living there.

Read up on an area’s culture through online resources. One of the things that you should determine, especially if you’re planning to take pictures of locals, is whether people would expect a bit of payment in exchange for the photo. In some developing countries, you may need to shell out a few coins for a few images. Younger subjects may be more appreciative of sweets though, so always keep a bag of treats in your backpack if you can.

When taking photos of people in their routines, you should use a telephoto zoom lens so that you don’t intrude on their regular activities. Additionally, don’t forget to include the landscape where your subjects are living or working to put some context into your image so that your audience can understand your message clearly.

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