9 Easy Ways to Save Money on Rental Cars

9 Easy Ways to Save Money on Rental Cars

You can save money on your next rental car if you compare the prices of different agencies, check for discounts, and rent from an agency away from the airport.

If you are traveling to a different place, you might consider getting a rental car service. Renting a car will enable you to travel easily and hassle-free since you do not have to wait for taxis or public transports.

But if you are not careful enough, you might find out that you are spending way too much money on your rental car. If you follow the steps mentioned below, you will be able to save some money and travel at your convenience.

1. Compare the Prices

Each travel agency has its price. You can visit the website of various rental car services online and check their prices.

Then compare these prices and see which one suits your budget the most. The more research you do before getting a rental car, the better it will be for your wallet.

2. Check for Discounts

The next point to look for is offers and discounts. Some rental car services offer discounts on various occasions. 

For example, some offer discounts if you carry your student ID card with you, or if you have any other coupons. Some rental services even offer car rental promo codes with amazing deals

You can also find information about these discounts on their website. So make sure to check the website, in case you miss any offers.  

3. Choose a Rental Away From the Airport

Airports are hotspots for rental car agencies. Many people are traveling and most of them will prefer private transports to drive to their destination.

Since this is a hotspot, the rental car agencies will increase their price so that they can make a large profit. It is good for them, but not for your wallet. So, avoid getting a rental car from agencies that are near the airport. The further away you go from the airport, the lower the price will be.

4. Book As Early As Possible

This is a business strategy used by rental car agencies. They increase the price of their service during peak season. If you get a rental service during the peak season, you will find that you are paying a large amount of money, sometimes almost twice the amount.

Therefore, you need to book your rental car much earlier than the peak season. Even booking one or two weeks early can save you a hefty amount. So book your rental car as early as possible to save more money.

5. Save Money on Drop-Off Fees

Not only do you need to pay for booking a rental car, but you also need to pay some fees when you drop off your car at a rental service. But many people make a simple mistake here. They do not drop off the rental car to the rental agency they booked it from.

If they drop it off at another rental agency, then they need to pay extra. This extra money is used to transport the rental car to its respective agency. But if you drop it off at the respective rental agency yourself, then you are not required to pay any extra fees.

6. Do Not Accept Any Rental Insurance Service

Most rental agencies will tempt you to get their rental insurance service. Although this sounds like a good offer, chances are, your personal car insurance already covers all expenses related to rental cars.

So if you get separate rental car insurance, you will only be paying extra. Only pick the rental car insurance if you do not have any pre-existing car insurance. Otherwise, you are best without it.

7. Consider What Type of Car You Need

The car you are going to book will also impact the price of your rental service. For example, a four-seater sedan will be much cheaper than a microbus or a jeep because it has less flexibility and function than a jeep.

So think before getting a rental car. If it is just you traveling, then a two-seater sedan will be perfect. The less complex your vehicle is, the lower the price will be. So unless you have a family traveling with you, or you have a good amount of cargo with you, a two or four-seater sedan will suffice.

8. Cut Costs on Rental Agency Provided GPS Service

If you are new to the area, chances are, the rental agencies will offer you their GPS service. This service comes with a price. You do not actually need a GPS service.

You can activate the GPS on your mobile phone, or get a map of the area you are visiting. Either of them is much cheaper than getting a GPS service provided by the rental agency.

9. Think if You Truly Need a Rental Car

The best way to save money on a rental car is not to get one in the first place. Ask yourself before booking a rental service, do you need one? There are many alternatives available.

Like we mentioned before, there is a taxi, public bus, or you can even try Uber. All of these can be much cheaper than getting a rental car.

If you need to travel constantly with a good amount of luggage, then getting a rental car will be of big help. A rental car also helps when you travel long distances fairly often. So consider these things before booking one. If you feel that you can make it work with public busses or taxis, then avoid booking a rental car.

Final Thoughts

The best way to travel is through a personal car. If you do not have one for yourself, you can always try getting a rental car. But make sure to weigh out the pros, cons and always compare the prices of different rental services before booking the right one.

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