A Year of Romantic Getaways During the Pandemic

Calhoun County

Our final romantic getaway of the year was to Calhoun County, Alabama. Unlike Franklin Tennessee and Hamilton County, Indiana, this is not the most prosperous county in Alabama. The median family income is about 20k less than our home in Madison County (the second most prosperous county in Alabama), and almost 50k less than either Franklin or Hamilton County. It didn’t matter to us. We still had an incredible  Romantic Bike Getaway to Calhoun County Alabama

You see, Calhoun County is the home to Alabama’s premier bike trail, the Cheif Ladiga Trail. Only, instead of riding through a manicured park-like atmosphere on the Monon Trail, complete with millions of dollars of art installations, we rode bumpy pavement through the wilds of the Talladega National Forest. Instead of alpaca farms run by semi-retired accountants, we stayed in a vintage home run by the local historical society to preserve the town’s past and legacy. Both experiences were fantastic, and we met good people in each place; they were just different. We still felt that sense of relaxation and connection that we were seeking on a romantic getaway.

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