Admiring Snow view Nainital with a cup of tea in hand

My love for hills & valleys heightens during winter and I can’t just resist the sight of gigantic snow clad mountain and mauve colored sky. This winter, we were at Snow View Nainital, admiring the beautiful sight of Himalayan range. Nainital is a beautiful hill town in the state of Uttarakhand, which is about 296 kilometers from Delhi, the capital of India. It is no wonder that we selected this place to hangout during weekend, when the winter was already knocking the door. We selected a hotel that is away from the main city activity centers and is near to snow view Nainital. It allowed us to behold the beauty of Snow view Nainital, and see the changing colors of the sky anytime we want.

We stayed at Snow View resort, which is a budget hotel and is located on the top and one can easily see the beauty of Naini lake along with gigantic peaks and it was also near the cable car station (Jhulla-Ghar), which eased our need to travel in and out of Mall road, the main city activity center. Many people suggested us to stay in some hotel located in and around Mall road, and they were a bit puzzled with our hotel selection. Offcourse they were unaware of our motif.

Upon arrival at Snow view resort, we had our dinner and slept, as it was already late, and we were expected to wake up early to catch the morning beauty Himalayas. Next morning sharp at 6 A.M, we were at the beautiful Himalaya Darshan and we spent hours looking at the beauty of Snow view Nainital. A small local refreshment shop over there satisfied our need of tea and snacks. We ordered Chicken Momos, Maggie and tea which is the most common breakfast available in hill stations of India. Shivering with chilly wind and hot tea cup in hand, admiring the beauty of Himalayan range is an experience that cannot be expressed in words and can only be felt. Check out the images below to behold the grandeur of the amazing sight.

The feeling and the location can inspire poet in anyone, offcourse this wasn’t the first time I was beholding Himalaya’s beauty, but everytime I see it, I find something new. It inspires me, it infuse me with energy, it cut short the negativity from me and sow positive thoughts. Himalayas always attracted and kept calling me. Certainly the moments spent at Snow view Nainital is amongst the best of my Nainital diary and I will cherish it all through my life. I will surely come again to this amazing place in Uttarakhand, which I feel is the best all season destination in North India.

Among the many activities we had in Nainital like Shikara ride in Nainital lake, adventure in Eco-Cave Garden, Himalaya Darshan etc. Every activity has one thing in common, none of them were expensive, still the level of fun and enjoyment we had was no less than any expensive amusement we had in past. We completed the Nainital trip in less than 6000 INR for 2 days, which included every expense. So you can say that this was the best budget trip we had so far. My next post tomorrow will be probably about how we managed Nainital trip on a shoestring budget. Looking forward for your comments, if you have been to Nainital before. Protection Status

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