Affordable Holiday Tour Packages in India – Which Travel Company to Choose?

Affordable Holiday Tour Packages in India

India is the heart of tourism. Its beauty, ethnicity, resources, and rich history attract a lot of attention. The Indian Tour is a mini world tour in itself. The varied cultures and traditions, languages, practices, and people speak of its diversity. In a country like India, there is something to discover in every state.

But, touring the whole of India can rob you of your pockets. So, we are here to tell you ways in which you can travel the entire of India using the best India tour packages at affordable prices. Visit the excursion of north India, Which will be very enjoyable due to lots of historic and herbal places. The North India Tour places are the important tourist attractions in the Indian map.

What Are SomeAffordable Holiday Tour Packages In India?

Money acts as a great constraint when it comes to traveling. Keeping this in mind, we have listed some holiday tour packages in India, which will not only give you a detailed view of our country but also save you a lot of money.

The only way to save money while touring is to club tourist places together. In group tour packages, many places are covered within the package without much money spent on it.

North India Tour Packages

The Northern part of India is a territory filled up with serene and beautiful sites. The North India Tour Packages cover the important destinations of the northern part of India. They cover places like Agra, Amritsar, Delhi, parts of Rajasthan, and Jammu and Kashmir.

These packages are one of the best packages in the India Holiday Tour Packages. They are one of the most affordable holiday tour packages. You get a tour of royal palaces, calm lakes, ancient monuments, and etc. all in one package. These packages can be availed at most of the Tours and Travel Companies.

Heritage Tour Packages

If you are a lover of history and want to discover the rich cultural heritage of India, then the heritage tour packages are the best for you. These packages are one of the Best Holiday Packages in India. They give you knowledge as well as enjoyment.

If you have children and want to teach them about the cultural heritage of India, why not take them on a tour to these sites. There are many discoveries done during these tours. They cover heritage sites from all over India like the Red Fort, HawaMahal, Agra Fort, etc. 

Heritage tour packages can start from a span of 3 days and continue till 1 month of duration. People choose options according to their needs.

south india

South India Tour

The southern part of India has a distinct identity. The climate, the monuments, and the people depict how you can be developed, but still stay grounded and attached to your land. The southern part of India is full of beaches, coconut, and palm trees. Certain religious beliefs of the people are very high.

All the temples and worship places in the southern region of India has a peculiar style which cannot be seen in any other part of the country. At the same time, it is a land of amazing cuisine. The South India Packages include all the southern states like Tamil Nadu, Kerela, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and sometimes even Goa. 

Honeymoon Packages.

These packages are ideally made for couples who are either newly married or want some time alone. Honeymoon packages are not restricted to any one place. They can be taken anywhere in the country. They cover 5-6places. The best part about these packages is the additional special and romantic arrangements done for the couple.

How Costly Are These Packages?

The cost of these packages differs. Standardized rates can begin from 5000 INR and can go up likewise. The cost depends on n the distance and the members traveling for the tour.

Advantages of These Tour Packages

Clubbing tourist places together is beneficial as it saves a lot of money. Visiting every place individually will cost you a lot. Consulting a travel company and opting for packages, reducing the cost by a huge margin. Also, you get additional services done like the stay and travel. So you are also saved from hard work. 

Which Travel Company to Choose?

This poses to be a tricky question. The needs and requirements differ from person to person. So there is no best travel company than Japji Travel. We are always ready to book your trip. We have luxurious cars with experienced drivers for your tour.


Touring is a lot of fun. It becomes even greater when you save money. Money is very important and it is wise to save some. Choose your ideal holiday package keeping in mind these points. We wish you a happy traveling.

How to Book North India Tour?

first make a list which places you are interested, then select that package and submit your detail, after that you will get a planned itinerary with price on your email id, once you finalized your plan you can deposit the booking amount for that

Why We Should Visit North India?

There is so many destination which attract tourist to see once in life. Including hill station, heritage, historical, adventurous, etc. In north india tour you will get carry back a beautiful memories for a whole life

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