Affordable Travel Budget Ideas for Visiting Canada

Nowadays, people are so committed to their work that they hardly have time for family and friends, not even mentioning other types of entertainment. 

If you finally decide to take some rest and book your holiday, you will need to find a moment for organising your trip, especially when you don’t want to spend a fortune. Scheduling a trip may be a nice distraction or a break from your busy daily life. 

To plan to visit such a vast destination like Canada when the expenses can be a big concern, you must keep in mind that you don’t have to break the bank of your life’s savings. 

Canada is a wonderful country with stunning landscapes, wide open spaces with  people of miscellaneous racial and ethnic backgrounds. Whether it’s Niagara Falls or Vancouver City, Canada always catches the fancy of its visitors. Plan your trip to this massive country reasonably so that you can fit in your budget perfectly. 

Use the Canada eTA System

The first tip when planning your Canada budget should be arranging all the formalities. Start from getting your obligatory visa to Canada which now you can get entirely online! 

eTA to Canada is an Electronic Travel Authorization System aiming to facilitate the initial control of travelers entering Canada by air. eTA can be used for business, tourism, or transit trips. 

With eTA, citizens of eligible countries can save plenty of time and avoid the complicated and stressful procedures related to the traditional visa application process. 

To apply for eTA, an applicant must submit an online form and pay 49 Euro to cover the fee charged for processing an application. After maximally 72 business hours, Canada eTA should reach your inbox. In practice, the applications are processed much faster, even within a couple of minutes!

Visit for all the essential eTA-related information and submit your application online. Please note! You must apply at least 3 days ahead of the planned trip.

Top Tips for Traveling to Canada on a Budget

Let’s go through the list of essential tips on how you can make your trip to Canada at affordable travel costs. Just keep on reading and find out how can this be done:

  • Make a Pre-Travel Budget 

A travel budget should be well-thought when planning a trip if you don’t want to overpay. Don’t forget to include the following things in your travel budget: costs like charges of flight tickets, accommodation expenses, or travel insurance.

  • Plan a Trip in the Off-season

Canada tourism is flourishing mainly during summer and Christmas. So, if you want to save money while planning to visit Canada, you should book your tickets in the Spring Season. 

There are pretty big chances that you’ll get reasonable discounts on ski packages in November. 

  • For Accommodation Choose Booking in Smaller Towns 

You can choose to book your lodging in smaller towns which are in close proximity to all the activities that big cities offer. 

One of the advantages of booking your stay in small town hotels is that you can eliminate some costly expenses such as parking or high-end restaurants. You can explore bigger cities during the daytime and arrange lodging in some nearby small town hotels. 

  • Mega Buses Can Be Best Option When Travelling to Major Cities 

Indeed, this is the best option to hire rental cars instead of going for mega buses. If you have already scheduled a trip, you may get tickets at cheap rates depending on your departing city and intended destination.

  • Search for Best Travel Insurance 

Always make smart choices while planning a trip. This will help you avoid any off-pocket expenses in case of any unfavourable situation. If you get good travel insurance, it only costs a minor portion of your travel expense. 

Should you face some force majeures such as flight cancellation, lost luggage, injury or any illness, you won’t have to pay any out-of-pocket cost for all of these. Think about it!

Canada’s food and beverage industry is highly affected by lofty government taxes. So, be ready to prepare your  own meals to avoid unexpected money spending on expensive meals. 

Try to pack some quick snacks, dry fruits or visit a grocery store for self-prepared readymade food to limit your expenditure on restaurants. 

No matter what your planned destination is, if you want to save money and travel at an affordable range, the best thing you can do is to track all your spending details. 

Choose wisely while spending money! Keep your eye on every single penny spent and enjoy your Canadian stay  without going over your planned budget. 

Final thoughts

Gather some new experiences and enjoy this wide world as life is too short.

If you believe the same, don’t hesitate to start creating your bucket list for a trip to Canada. Life is not only about earning a living, you must also enjoy your life! 

So, what are you waiting for then? Plan your excursion and collect some amazing memories!

In the meantime, don’t forget to obtain your eTA to Canada by submitting an online application at least 3 business days in advance! 

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