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Benvenuti a Como, Italy

Italy is the country that everybody has to visit at least once in a lifetime. This wonderful country is full of history, ancient stories, and beautiful landscapes that simply take your breath away. Italy is the country of romance and love, it’s the country of art and everlasting works of art. This country is where it has all started in literature, architecture, and everything that humanity can be proud of.

The famous Italian kitchen can now be tasted in almost every country as there are many Italian restaurants offering a taste of the famous Italian cuisine. Simply, it’s a country that has a lot to offer to tourists who are coming from all around the world.

Como is a city which is located in Lombardy, Italy. This city has for a long time served as a tourist destination, thanks to the beautiful lake Como and the Alps surrounding it. This picturesque city is mainly visited by local tourists, as well as tourists coming from the rest of the world. Como is a place where are located some important historical monuments, churches, museums, and gardens. It’s the fourth most visited in the Lombardy region of Italy. Here are some things you need to visit while your stay in Como, Italy.


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Como Cathedral

Undoubtedly, the most impressive building in Como is the Como Cathedral. Known for its distinct architecture, tracing back to the 14th century when this cathedral was built. The visual look of this architecture has many Gothic elements, which proves that this cathedral hasn’t been finished until the 18th century. The most precious artwork and most detailed ornaments are what this cathedral is known for.

Lake Como

Surely, there is no reason not to visit the Como lake. The beautiful landscapes of the lake’s surroundings are just breathtaking. To really enjoy your exploration around the city, take the boat trip to see the majesty of the city from close up.

Archeological Museum

Located near the cathedral is the Como Archeological Museum. This museum contains some of the most important artifacts from the Como region in Italy. Some of these artifacts date back from ancient Hellenic times and are a true representation of the Roman Empire times. Taking a look at these artifacts will give you an ample opportunity to learn more about Como ancestors. The Museum of Giuseppe Garibaldi is a walking distance from the museum. This museum is a true presentation of the Italian ornament designs of various eras. Some artifacts, such as clothing, furniture, and lace that have been preserved to date.

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