Best Solo Travel Vacations-Fiji, Not Just for Honeymooners


Best Solo Travel Vacations-Fiji, Fiji isn’t just for honeymooners!

Best Solo Travel Vacations-Fiji: Lots of Options:

There are multiple other options for those traveling alone:

Yasawa Island’s Sawa-I-lau Caves are a major tourist site. It is possible to swim in a sunlit cave one moment and the next to be swimming in a neighboring cave in complete darkness.  While still in the Yasawa Islands, you can swim with sharks or manta rays depending upon your sense of adventure.

From there, it is time for even more adventures:  parasailing on Denaura Island, rappelling 300 feet into the Tau Caves or ziplining high above the towering palm trees.

If you are still yearning for more, you can try a unique sport known as “Zorbing”. If you have ever chased a ball downhill, you know it seems the faster you run, the faster it picks up speed. In Zorbing, you don’t have to run after the ball because you are inside it racing down the hill!

Whether you are a beachcomber at heart or an insatiable adventurer, Fiji is a tropical paradise for everyone, including solo travelers.  So dust off your passport and get ready to travel!

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