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Central India is the heart of the country and is well known for its beautiful and historical cities , ancient temples , forts and also wildlife . Central India consists of two states : Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh . You can visit and explore the great temples of Khajuraho , Ujjain and stunning forts of Gwalior in Madhya pradesh and you can also experience the adventure of wildlife sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh . In Chattisgarh you can explore caves , waterfalls , temples , national parks and many more . Chattisgarh is a green land and is famous for its waterfalls , mountains and timberland and has many perfect getaways for you from your hectic life. Central India is also famous for folk dances , different music and art forms. If you wish to experience all this, it is also important to know the best time to travel to these destinations so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest . 

Madhya Pradesh can be visited throughout the year . Some places are suited for summers and some for winters. If you like to visit the hill stations of Madhya pradesh then summer season is the best time to visit . As summer starts around the end of March and it gets really hot and dry so this is the ideal time to plan a trip to hill stations and feel refreshed and relaxed there . And if you are planning to see tigers and other animals in wildlife sanctuaries  , March till June is the best time to visit .

According to the weather , the ideal time to visit Madhya Pradesh is from March to October when the weather is generally cool and is great for some sightseeing . You can visit the most famous tourist attractions like Ujjain , khajuraho , Orchha etc during this time. 

Chhattisgarh has amazing waterfalls , impressive temples and caves and has so many things to make the travelers amazed and interested . The best time to visit is from October till March which is the winter season and you can see the beauty of chattisgarh . This weather is perfect and comfortable for exploring and also during this season tribals organize many local festivals so you should definitely come and enjoy these festivals with your loved ones . 

So plan your next visit to Central India at any time of the year as every season has something unique to offer and has different experiences for you . 

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