Best travel destinations for gamers of all kinds

Even if travel means discovering new things (new lands, new cultures, new horizons, and even tastes!), it doesn’t mean you have to give up your greatest passion. That’s right! If you are one of those passionate about games genres of all kinds, you should know that there are destinations that you can enjoy. Here are some examples.

Las Vegas for casino gambling fans

Las Vegas is a tourist city that brings together all the fun and lucrative entertainment in the world. Who doesn’t dream of going there, even if you’re not a gambling fan? In Vegas city, there are vast number of casinos where players can try their luck on slot machines, which remain a great classic, poker, roulette, table and card games, etc. On-site, you will have everything you need to make yourself comfortable: accommodation, restaurants and even small chapels for those who are tempted by an unusual wedding. Before your trip to Vegas, think about the online casino to practice; find here the industry-leading 888 casino review, one of the most popular online casinos among players.

Seoul for e-sport fans

The capital of South Korea is also the capital of e-sport. It’s this city that has introduced e-sports to the world. If there is no e-sport match during your visit, go to an internet cafe, locally called “PC Bangs”, to experience the game differently. Indeed, even if many Koreans have all the necessary equipment to play at home, the gamer cafes, very common in the capital, are popular.

London for fighting games, soccer and retro games lovers

London has long been a major player in video game development with major studios such as EA, Rockstar, Ubisoft and Square Enix. In addition to this, the city hosts the annual two-day London Games Festival, a major event that brings together developers, investors and gamers. Red Bull also maintains a strong presence in London’s e-sports scene, hosting tournaments, training sessions and workshops at its publicly accessible Gaming Sphere studio. Fighting and soccer games are particularly well represented. Collectors will love the London Gaming Market, which gathers every four months in the heart of London for retro game lovers and sellers.

Melbourne for poker players

Beach, coconut trees and sports activities: the description of Melbourne would not be complete without mentioning the Crown, the largest casino in the southern hemisphere, which traditionally hosts the Aussie Millions in January and the PokerNews Cup in October. Even after you’ve left the table or jumped out of the tournament, there’s no time to be bored. There are plenty of activities to do in Melbourne: say hello to the kangaroos or rent a car and drive along Great Ocean Road or see the penguin parade on Philip Island.

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