Biking Beautiful Beaumont

Riding the Crockett District

As promised, you start the Crockett District with Crockett Street, a super cute outdoor shopping arcade. Hopefully, one day soon, the shops will reopen. Until then, you can ride by and marvel at the possibilities. Which ironically, is also what you do when you reach Riverfront Park, which is being rebuilt since being damaged by Tropical Storm Harvey.

You could stop and visit the Edison Museum and the Fire Museum of Texas. However, you have to marvel at the world’s largest operational fire hydrant outside the fire museum before returning to the visitor center. From Roadside America –

In 1999, to promote the re-release of the animated 101 Dalmatians, Walt Disney’s Home Video division built the World’s Largest Fire Hydrant at Disney Land in Anaheim, CA. For reasons that are lost to time, the Fire Museum of Texas in Beaumont — a 1920s-era fire station where vintage trucks, historic nozzles and fire bells are exhibited — was chosen by Disney to be the permanent home of its towering fireplug.

My sister works at the water department in Columbia, South Carolina, and she says her city has the world’s largest fire hydrant standing 39′ tall. Still, it can’t pump a single drop of water, hence Beaumont’s claim to largest ‘working’ hydrant. I guess everything isn’t always bigger in Texas…

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