Biking the Tammany Trace Trail

Mandeville Bike Trail

Mandeville is a charming lakefront community known for its towering oak trees, fine dining, and hospitality. We partook of their hospitality at the de la Bleau B&B, which had all the modern charm and convenience of a boutique hotel with the spectacular hosts (Clyde and Cindy) of a B&B.

You should consider detouring off the Trace either coming or going to see the Lake Pontchartrain waterfront. Besides the aforementioned ancient oaks, you’ll see water stretching to the horizon, the impressive 22-mile long Causeway Bridge, and maybe a brown pelican or two. It’s also the perfect opportunity to stop for a bite to eat along the way.

While you’re exploring the Mandeville bike trails, check out the Brook’s Bike Co-Op and Museum. They’re a full-service bike shop and more, offering toursrentals (in almost every trail city), and even frame welding. Brooks’ Bike Co-Op does more than get used bikes back into the community. They get them into the hands of kids who need them.

Their Bike for Kids program over Christmas gets bicycles under trees for the youth of St Tammany Parish. (Do you remember what it was like getting your first bike?) Over the summer, they partner with the Covington Police Department to teach kids to ride safely and bike repair basics. At the end of the camp, kids can keep the bike they worked on if they need one.

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