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Continuing on with our cozy home tour, today I’m sharing our boho mid-century modern main bedroom! If you missed the last installment — here is our living room!

When designing our bedroom, the main thing I had in mind was that I wanted lots of light and to create a calming energy.

I absolutely can’t stand clutter and having too many things in the bedroom. While our bedroom is quite simple in design, there’s not much else I would add!

There’s sophistication in the simplicity. 

We may eventually add a bench on the wall that leads into our bathroom, but again, I love how clean everything is and that it’s truly a soothing space.

Without further ado, here is our boho mid-century modern main bedroom!

boho modern main bedroom

The Bed + Chandelier

About Our Mattress

As we’ve been slowly furnishing our new home, the importance of choosing local, sustainable, and green have been top priority. When we started researching mattresses, we were SHOCKED that many are full of harmful chemicals.

I never knew that many mattresses and the materials they are made from literally release toxins while you sleep. And, they say the average person spends 1/3 of their life in bed!

We went with an Avocado Mattress, as their natural mattresses are 100% certified organic using low emissions and made right here in California.

It’s the healthiest, most squishy, comfy, soft-as-a-cloud mattress I’ve ever slept on!

Nightstands + Sconces


Alexa Dot

This is a speaker, alarm clock, a way to check the news, weather, and control other devices within your home. It does it all. 🙂

For Our Smart Lights

We have Smart Dimmable Switches for our lights and they work off the Wi-Fi. They work like a normal dimmer switch, but they are also Alexa-enabled so you can control them with voice command or set routines and schedules.

For this, we use “Alexa, relax in bed” — which dims all lights in our bedroom to 10%, turns off all other lights throughout the house, locks the front door, plays a Claude Debussy playlist on Spotify at volume 2, and turns our Dyson purifier to setting 4.

This is such a lovely nighttime routine!

Find the Smart Switches here!

Smart Home Tip for Making the Room Smell Lovely

I have a Pura wall diffuser hidden behind one of the nightstands and it’s so wonderful! I can create a schedule for when I want it to go off and it works off the Wi-Fi. So I can control it from my phone and choose which scent (of the two) I would like.

cozy boho modern main master bedroom oak mahogany dresser

The Dresser

For the polaroid collage picture frame, I printed out several snaps from past trips in black and white to make it more cohesive and have a lighter and airier feeling.

To create something similar — use the Instax app on your phone, edit to your liking, and then print via the Instax printer. 🙂

Our Smart Dyson Air Purifier

I live by humidifiers, so this was a necessity for us!

We use our purifier and fan daily and love that we can control it with the Echo Dot in our room simply by saying things like “Alexa, turn the Dyson to 4.”

We keep our Dyson Purifier in our room and one of my favorite routines that I currently have is “Winter Morning.” I have it programmed so that at 5 am, our Nest (you’ll learn more about that later), turns up the heat to 68 and then turns off our in-room Dyson Purifier. We like to sleep with the fan on — even when it’s cold, particularly for white noise — but I don’t like to wake up with air blowing on me.

elfa closet container store

For the Closet

I’ll be putting together an entire feature for home closet design and organization, but in the meantime, this is what we have going on!

For our main bedroom closet, we are using the Container Store Elfa System. I had previously set up an office at my parent’s house, and when we moved into our house, I completely moved the system in.

If you want a throwback to what my home office looked like back then — check out this feature where Jen of Life in Jeneral helped me organize and create solutions for all of my goodies!

I did rearrange a few things to better fit my clothes — rather than my office supplies, but I felt like this was the smart move instead of buying a whole new closet system. We did another Elfa System in our guest bedroom (I’ll share more later!).

The team at the Container Store is super helpful with figuring out what the right closet solution is for you in terms of budget, finishes, and needs.

I love it and you can install it yourself if you want!

The Container Store has so many organizational options — I love their shirt boxes and bin labels. It really helps in creating a seasonal wardrobe and with how much I travel, some of my wardrobe isn’t practical for every day, so separating them out into bins works really well for me.

The other organizational things I love are Mumi Closet Cubes! I use these so much as packing cubes but I love their home line — ideal for storage of sweaters and items under the bed.

Stay tuned for more of our boho meets mid-century modern home!

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