Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to Do in Basel, Switzerland

Basel Bucket List: Best Places to Visit in Basel, Switzerland

Basel has a cultural scene that is invigorating and vibrant, especially in theatre and arts. You can observe this with their great attraction of art galleries, museums, opera houses, and theatres. Even other European cities can’t match the concentration of its activities and cultural attractions. You’ll find more than one museum per square kilometer anywhere you go, which speaks a lot about the place’s artistic and historical value that can’t be bought anywhere.

Stroll around the Old Town

Basel old town Switzerland photo via Depositphotos

You can take a look at the fantastic and charming modern buildings built by famous architects. The whole town is combined with the traditional and modern harmonious combination of art which you can explore on foot.

The other sites that will be mentioned are also seen from the Old Town as the city is compact, yet this fact fully contributes to its creative mapping of buildings.

Take a Peek on the Blue and White Houses

The Blue House by Gryflindor via Wikipedia CC
The Blue House By Gryffindor – Own work, Public Domain, CC

Also known as the Wendelstörferhof and Reichensteinerhof, passers-by can’t miss the houses’ peculiar baroque patrician houses built back in the 1700s. You can never miss the eye-catching and particular lead masks plastered above the ground floor’s windows, representing the four seasons.

You can step in for free and appreciate the building’s marvelous architecture and look at its interior’s refreshing walls made by highly skilled craftsmen.

Listen to Stadtmusik Basel

Stadtmusik Basel photo via Fb page
Stadtmusik Basel photo via Fb page

Take time to book a ticket and hear the symphonic wind orchestra’s sound played by sixty awe-inspiring Basel musicians and conducted by the famous Philipp Wagner. He is responsible for the Orchestra concerts’ majestic program, which leads music enthusiasts to visit regularly.

You can peacefully close your eyes and be taken to wanders with the music and sound of the 21st century just by listening to their exquisite musical pieces.

Breathe in the Fresh Air of the Botanical Garden

Basel Botanical Garden by Andreina Shoeberlein via Flickr CC
Basel Botanical Garden by Andreina Shoeberlein via Flickr CC

This garden isn’t just ordinary, but it can be traced back to the 16th century, which marks it to be the oldest botanical garden in the whole world.

Breathe in the fresh air that our ancestors trod on while enjoying various plants where you can get blown away by the peace right in the middle of the bustling city.

Come Across the Peculiar Art installations of Jean Tinguely Museum

Jean Tinguely Museum by Emmanuel Fromm via Flickr CC
Jean Tinguely Museum by Emmanuel Fromm via Flickr CC

One of the most important Swiss artists, Jean Tinguely, has his paintings displayed in a fantastic museum. This location houses all of his mechanical sculptures, photos, documents, drawings, and most of his collections.

To top off the fantastic scene, you can also admire the museum’s architectural design by Mario Botta, another world-famous architect.

Buy a Toy in Zur Puppenfee

Zur Puppenfee photo via Fb page
Zur Puppenfee photo via Fb page

Remember when you didn’t have gadgets to play with? You can fascinate yourself with the classic puppets, dolls, antique items, and even bears in this store.

There are even hosted puppet shows to entertain you and workshops to gain skill as a bonus. In this place, you can say that nothing beats old school.

Celebrate the Cultural Event at Elisabethenkirche

Elisabethenkirche and centre square photo via Depositphotos
Elisabethenkirche and center square photo By Alexey Komarov – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Climb the high tower of this neo-Gothic protestant church in Switzerland that has existed since the 19th century. It has a 72 meters tall bell tower and spire along with internal stairs. It’s not your ordinary church because it’s the first open church in Switzerland.

Different activities like spiritual advice, eucharist, meditation sessions, fashion shows, concerts, and even disco are held where you can expend your energy to let out the energetic you.

One thing about this church is that they explore all the needs of its people, including everyone’s cultural, spiritual, and social needs.

Experience the Kunstmuseum Basel Art Museum

Kunstmuseum Basel Art Museum by Wladyslaw Sojka via Wikipedia CC
Kunstmuseum Basel Art Museum By Wladyslaw Sojka – Own work, FAL, CC

You’ll never get tired of historical paintings as they represent the masters of our race. These masters’ collections are housed in care up till the present day.

Thanks to this, you can see paintings from the 15th century, even artworks created by Van Gogh and Picasso.

Spielzeug Welten Museum Toy Museum

Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel by Basmus via Wikipedia CC
Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel By Basmus – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Who would’ve thought that you can stuff 2,500 teddy bears in this museum? That’s not the only lovely thing with this, but you would also be amazed by the display of 6,000 toys like stuff toys, dolls, carousels, and dollhouses.

These artistic items are works of creative artists that make miniature models. Don’t forget to visit and take a look at their special and seasonal exhibits.

Make a Prayer in Basler Münster

Basler Munster or Basel Minster Cathedral facade view a red wall church on overcast weather day in Basel Switzerland photo via Depositphotos
Basler Munster or Basel Minster Cathedral facade view a red wall church on overcast weather day in Basel Switzerland photo via Depositphotos

Walk the Cathedral towers to enjoy the view, along with the garden decorated with a studding sight of the Rhine. You’ll also notice the red sandstone built walls and twin towers that everyone admires by the city and the tourists.

The Cathedral stands in the mentioned plaza, a popular meeting place, and is often used for concerts and events, so this place is a must-go whenever you pass by.

Take Part in Fasnacht

Fasnacht Festival in Basel photo via Depositphotos
Fasnacht Festival in Basel photo via Depositphotos

Have fun dressing up with costumes and masks as this is not only for children. You can also partake in this Festival.

You’ll have fun with drinking, the colorful confetti, all the late-night eats, and the place lit up with glowing lanterns.

Check Out The Rathaus

Marktplatz with the Rathaus in Basel photo via Depositphotos
Marktplatz with the Rathaus in Basel photo via Depositphotos

Basel’s town hall, this building is rich with eye-catching colorful frescos and its red-hued walls. No Town Hall would equal this building’s looks as it is unique and essential in Basel’s functions.

Taking a look at the government’s seat is worthwhile with the charming courtyard and the structure’s towers.

Ge to St. Alban-Tor

St. Alban-Tor by Taxiarchos228 via Wikipedia CC
St. Alban-Tor by Taxiarchos228 via Wikipedia CC

Otherwise known as St. Alban’s Gate, this structure has endured the test of time since ca. 1400. If you visit the place, mention it to the citizens as Dalbedoor as it is how the locals call it. They’ll tell you its enduring story that it was put down in times of danger to protect the city. Get to this gateway to experience the Middle Ages and get an exquisite view of the city.

From here, there is a wonderful view over the roofs of Basel’s old town and the hills of the Jura, the Black Forest, and the Vosges.


Marktplatz Basel photo by Wladyslaw Sojka via Wikipedia CC
Marktplatz Basel photo Von Wladyslaw Sojka – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

The marketplace always makes travel so much better. If you enter this grand piazza located in the middle of the town, you’ll see the Rathaus or Town Hall view mentioned earlier. Various fresh fruits and vegetables are sold, just like any marketplace.

You can also buy fresh flowers for yourself, your lover or your friends. In this market square, you can eat many delicious yummy delicacies, which are the specialties Switzerland is proud of.

Pay a Visit at Basel Zoological Gardens

Basel Zoological Gardens by lucasuvu via Wikipedia CC
Basel Zoological Gardens by lucasuvu via Wikipedia CC

The Zoological Gardens is applauded for its outstanding achievement of breeding Indian rhinoceros and pygmy hippopotamus.

You can take a look at all the distinct indigenous and exotic animals they take care of. Along with this, you should never miss out on the lion enclosure together with its three cubs.

Also, take down on your notes the monkey houses. If you love animals, they also conduct fundraisers through events. You’re going to have fun with the activities that involve you running with elephants!

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