Bucket List: Top 8 Best Things to do in Tanay, Rizal

Tanay Bucket List: 15 Best Places to Visit in Tanay, Rizal, Philippines

Tanay is one of Rizal province’s rising tourist spots. This city provides a good blend of mother nature’s blessings and modernization to better access the former. Tanay’s highlights are the lakes, mountains, resorts, local markets, and military camps. Also, expect to witness multiple commercial establishments during your getaway in this city. Since Tanay has plenty to offer for its tourists, here are some of the activities worth experiencing:
Swim in Daranak Falls

Daranak Falls is considered one of Tanay’s trademark tourist spots. This spot is where local and foreign tourists go to for their summer getaways. What makes this a must-experience venue is its geographical location in the Tanay mountains. The venue consists of rivers, ponds, and waterfalls. This scenery is complemented with natural vegetation in the form of plants and trees.

Visit Regina Rica

Regina Rica Rosarii statue facade photo via Depositphotos

Regina Rica provides a divine pilgrimage that Catholics look forward to whenever they seek serenity. The site measures up to 13.5 hectares provides a walk-in-the-park experience on the way to the statue of Our Lady of Holy Rosary.

The statue is located on the top of the mountain, where you will experience wind and peace. Some of the things you can also do are attend mass, give candle offerings, and donate for Regina Rica’s improvements.

Climb Treasure Mountain

Treasure Mountain Tanay Rizal photo via FB Page
Treasure Mountain Tanay Rizal photo via FB Page

Climbing Treasure Mountain is a rewarding experience for hikers. While the climb will be a strenuous one, the reward is worth waiting for once you reach the top. Treasure Mountain is known as a great vantage point to see a sea of clouds.

The scenery is complemented with green mountain views. Meanwhile, during the evening, you get to see and take photos of shining stars.

Climb Mt. Daraitan

At Mt. Daraitan Summit
At Mt. Daraitan Summit

Mt. Daraitan is one of the best hiking spots for people who enjoy simple adventures. The hiking trail measures up to 600-meters. While this might be tough for some, expect to have plenty of fun along the way as you are assisted by tourist guides.

You can take multiple pictures to commemorate your best moments. Along the way, you get to see the Tinipak River, where there are clear waters and white rocks.

Eat at Ricardo’s Vista del Cielo

Ricardo’s Vista del Cielo photo via FB Page
Ricardo’s Vista del Cielo photo via FB Page

Ricardo’s Vista Del Cielo provides a great and relaxing dining experience. The restaurant offers Filipino and Spanish cuisines. Some of the must-try dishes are Caldo Gallego, Bulalo, Sisig, and Pinakbet.

What makes this an appealing venue is the sea of clouds, mountain views, and windy weather. If you love the environment that much, you can rent a room upon reservation.

Explore Calinawan Cave

Calinawan Cave photo by Mark Morata
Calinawan Cave photo by Mark Morata

Calinawan Cave is a historical and beautiful tourist spot. This cave was formerly used by Filipinos as a refuge during the past two world wars. This was also used as a place where the Americans and Japanese settled their disputes.

Hence, the cave’s name originated from the word “linaw.” Calinawan Cave is also known for having beautiful interiors and chambers.

Experience Ten Cents to Heaven

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Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp in Tanay Rizal
Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp in Tanay Rizal

Ten Cents to Heaven an opportunity for tourists to feel young again. This was meant to be a team-building event facility. There are plenty of obstacle courses such as rock climbing, rappelling, soldier crawling, and bubble walking.

There are also available stay-in accommodations and an in-house restaurant that is filled with local and international dishes.

Relax at Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center

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Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center
Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center photo via FB Page

Bakasyunan Resort is the best spot for tourists who are seeking relaxation. This resort allows tourists to be one with nature with the presence of a variety of flora and fauna. This resort’s forest appeal is complemented by Laguna Bay’s stunning views and the Sierra Madre Mountains.

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