Captivating Places to visit in Mussoorie, a memorable monsoon experience

We went to Mussoorie, in search of our answer to “Why Mussoorie is known as “Queen of Hill station?” We are now with an answer. In this post I will share some enthralling places to visit in Mussoorie and things to do in Mussoorie during monsoon. Several close friends suggested us to avoid travelling to Uttarakhand in Monsoon, but as you know that we must complete our list of places to visit in Uttarakhand by the end of April 2017, it was mandatory for us to take this trip to Mussoorie, as it is one of the prime destination in Uttarakhand state.

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

Yes, I was afraid, of visiting Mussoorie in monsoon, because of those terrible News of landslide and floods in many parts of Uttarakhand. Ofcourse I was well prepared for it, you should have read my last post on my preparation of monsoon for Mussoorie. Today after coming back, I have whole lot of things to share and mesmerizing experience to cherish. Monsoon is infact best time to visit Mussoorie, as the beauty of this land is enhanced by mauve colored sky and slow paced clouds that embrace you with love. Before going any further let me show you some photos, which will pour some sense to my poetic phrases.

These nostalgic moments were caught in my camera, during my walk on camel’s back road to Mall Road. Here are some of the best places to visit in Mussoorie, that we explored. Continue reading to feel, what we felt during our stay.

Camel’s Back Road

Camel’s back natural camel shaped rock

Camel’s Back road in Mussoorie is popular because of natural Camel shaped rock that stands there. This place is a must visit spot, not only for the camel shaped rock, but for 5 kilometers smooth trek through the road. Camel’s back road is situated on a picturesque location with clouds kissing the hill top . Its a heaven for nature lover. Imagine yourself, walking through that road with someone special, breathing the fresh air and smelling the fragrance of lush green environment. Mist surrounding caused by cloud that passes before your eyes, makes this five kilometers long trek a memorable experience. There are four gazebos on the path, that you may use to relax and have tea. I walked on Camel’s back road and spend hours sitting in Gazebo with my wife and daughter and captured some amazing moments.

Things to do in Camel’s back road

  • Walk through the road.
  • Do cycling (available for 100 INR for 1 hour on rent).
  • Spend time sitting in Gazebo.
  • Have tea and corn from local roadside shop.

Gun Hill

View from Gun Hill

“Gun hill” is the second highest point in Mussoorie after Lal Tibba, this place can be reached through Cable car, also known as “Jhula Ghar”. It is about 10 minutes walk from picture palace through “Kulri bazar”. The price of round trip on cable car is 100 INR. You will see some heart warming view from cable car, which will take you to gun hill. The Gun hill have historical significance. Canon shots use to be fired here for the locals to set their time during colonial era. This place is good for spending time with your friends and family. Gun hill provides a captivating panoramic view of hills, and the place is also popular because of telescopic view point, from where you may see the enthralling view of Doon valley. We spend time here having tea with snacks and breathing in fresh air.

Things to do in Gun Hill

  • Ride on cable car
  • Wear Mussoorie local rural attire
  • Make film of panoramic hill view.
  • Eat at local food stall
  • Amusement for children and adults as well available.

Company Garden

Company Garden

The beautiful company garden, also known as municipal garden or Company bagh is about 5 kilometers from Jhulaghar. Best way to reach there is by Cycle Rickshaw. They charged us 300INR for round trip, including 1 hour waiting charge. Rickshaw rates are fixed and its wonderful experience to travel in Rickshaw, watching mesmerizing scenic beauty of the valley. If you are coming here in Monsoon, be prepared to feel the clouds passing by you, making your ride even more joyous. The entry fee of Company garden is 18 INR and it is good picnic spot. This place have a collection of several beautiful and rare flowers. This place is also good for boating, photography and eating. It has also got fun activities for children. Company Garden is also popular for its wax museum, and it has got wax statue of popular figures, entry fee for wax musuem is 100 INR. Overall its an amazing experience visiting Company Garden.

Things to do in company Garden

  • Do boating
  • Go to wax museum
  • Do photography
  • Amusement area for children available
  • Eat in restaurant for an affordable price.

The Mall

The Mall Road

The mall resides in the heart of Mussoorie and it is the must visit attraction for every tourist visiting here. The Mall road starts from Picture palace to Library chowk and have some good, small to medium sized restaurant. You may buy some memorable gifts here for your friends and family as the mall road consists of shops with handicraft and gift items. Its an awesome experience walking through the mall road, if you are visiting here in monsoon, you will get a memorable experience of walking through the clouds. The mall road have Gazebos and viewpoints, from where you can see amazing picturesque view of Doon valley. Cycles are available for rent here, and you should try cycling on this road. Tibetan market over here offers some great shawls and jackets at affordable price.

Things to do in Mall Road

  • Spend time, sitting in gazebo and watch the mesmerizing doon valley.
  • Do shopping for your friends and family.
  • Do cycling, enjoying the view.
  • Enjoy eating corn.
  • Walking on this road, is one the best things to do here.

Kempty fall

Kempty fall

Surrounded by sky touching peaks, Kempty falls is a beautiful location to hang out and take bath in cold water. It is about 13 kilometers from main Mussoorie. Taxi and buses are easily available from picture palace and Library chowk. Tour to Kempty falls takes around 1500 INR for individual Car and 200 for shared Jeep, bus seats are available for 56 INR for Kempty falls. It is preferable to hire a car or take shared jeep, as bus services are not that frequent, and you may have to wait for hours, looking for bus while returning to your hotel at Mussoorie.

Mussoorie Lake

Mussoorie lake

Mussoorie lake is a recently developed tourist spot and is located around 7 kilometers from Picture palace Mussoorie. It is a great hangout and boating destination. You may enjoy watching the picturesque Doon valley, while peddling your boat. Food lovers can enjoy delicacies, from different food stalls available alongside the lake. You may visit here in any season of the year, but my personal choice is monsoon. The season of monsoon bestow unmatchable beauty to the lake and Doon valley.

Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba

Located around 5 kilometers from main Mussoorie, Lal tibba is the highest point over here. I went there by foot, as I enjoy walking, especially at hill stations, but cabs are also available, you may opt to hire cabs to reach here. The best thing about Lal Tibba is its seclusion, for some reason commercialization hasn’t yet touched it, making it as pure as it was ever before. The place is popular among tourist for its serenity and elegant view of Himalayas. Peaks like Kedarnath and Badrinath can be seen from here through telescope. Its also an amazing experience to watch sunrise and sunset over here.

Bhatta Fall

Bhatta Fall

Bhatta fall is yet another recently developed tourist spot near Mussoorie. It is located about 7 kilometers from Picture palace and is easily accessible via can or bus. The location is still secluded and away from commercial hustle and bustle. Photographers can capture amazing shots of nature at its apex. Bhatta fall is a must-visit attraction near Mussoorie. Beautiful natural stream flows from the hills and you may enjoy taking bath in the pond. It is advised that you carry your own food because of scarcity of refreshment stalls.

Cloud’s End

Clouds End

Cloud’s end is located around 7 kilometers from Picture palace, Mussoorie and provides a mesmerizing experience by its heart warming weather and captivating view of Oak and Deodar forest. Benog wildlife sanctuary is near from Cloud’s end and its a must-stop-watch-and-see  place for every tourist visiting Mussoorie.

Jharipani Fall

Jharipani Falls

Jharipani fall is located about 10 kilometers from Picture palace Mussoorie. It is an ideal picnic location and perfect place to spend time with your friends and family. You will catch the glimpse of enthralling Shivalik range and Doon valley. This place is also popular for the existence of wild flowers and creepers of various species.

These were the amazing 10 places to visit in Mussoorie, some other notable mentions are Jwala devi temple, Nag devta temple and Christ church. Unfortunately, I was unable to visit these three spots in my Mussoorie trip, but I will surely do it in my next trip to Mussoorie. You may easily get cab tour package from Picture palace and Library chowk Taxi Stand. Do let us know about your experience, if you have already visited these places, if you think I have missed any notable spot in my list of places to visit in Mussoorie, do let me know in comments. Protection Status

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