Creative And Interesting Travel Blogs To Follow

Have you been thinking of starting a travel blog? Nowadays, travel blogging is a fantastic idea and a popular hobby, and a perfect resource for holiday planning, having a touch of professionalism in every detail they provide. Here is the list of interesting travel blogs that you would love to read and follow. I feel as if I am late to point these travel blogs out there for too long.

Creative And Interesting Travel Blogs That I Read And Follow.

  • Tanama Tales
  • My Moments and Memories 
  • Under30Experiences 
  • Wandering With The Sun
  • The Savvy Backpacker


Tanama Tales– California Travel and Lifestyle Blog

By: Ruth Rieckehoff

Tanama Tales 1Ruth, a native Puerto Rican, and long-term California resident started the blog Tanama Tales to show people that they do not have to travel far, spend a lot of money, or fit a specific stereotype to have a great adventure. 

A meaningful, life-changing experience may be waiting around the corner. For years, the blog has helped California residents and visitors to fall in love (or even more in love) with the Golden State (and many more places) through carefully curated itinerariesguides, and resources

Tanama is a Taino word that means butterfly, an insect that is often associated with change or with the soul. Hence, the blog aims to transmit first-hand lived experiences, from the heart to an engaged audience.


My Moments and Memories 

By: Megan Lawrence

Megan Lawrence – My Moments and Memories

My Moments and Memories, is the ‘secret source’ to a destination, offering you comprehensive guides on the best things to see, do and experience in each area.  As well as helping tourists plan vacations, Megan also passionate about helping ‘locals’ explore their own backyard. 

Her first journey 40 years ago sparked a love of adventuring around the world, exploring new cultures and sights. She hopes her guides will inspire all to step outside and wander the neighborhood they’re in, and beyond.


Under30Experiences | Group Travel for Young Adults

 By: Matt Wilson

Under30Experiences Group Travel for Young Adults

In 2012, Matt Wilson created this travel blog to make travel more convenient for young people. They have a community-oriented atmosphere. On the website, you can find offers and bargains from destinations in the United States, South America, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. You are also invited to meet other members of the U30X. 

So, whether you choose to travel solo, as a group, or book trips with friends, you can find this a really engaging travel blog.




By: Arūnas


WANDERING WITH THE SUN run by Arūnas, a travel blogger and a freelance photographer, born in Lithuania.

On his blog, he shares personal travel experiences, photography tips that give you ways to take better photos, help you get the most out of your money by handing out useful travel tips to save money and travel on a budget through articles. 

He has traveled so far in many counties such as Spain, Italy, the USA, Vietnam, Scotland/UK, and Chile. 


The Savvy Backpacker

By: James

The Savvy Backpacker

This blog focuses on travel in Europe, city guides, travel planning, sightseeing tips, travel technology, tips and lists for packing, food, accommodations, and much more.

You can get great travel ideas and insights into different destinations around the world. On the blog, you can find cheap travel to Spain or Budapest, bag packing around Europe, a guide to train travel in Europe, solo travel in Europe, and more.

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Creative And Interesting Travel Blogs To Read Follow

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