December Honeymoon Destinations – Honeymoon Guide Ideas

During wedding planning, the question arises: Where should I go on my honeymoon? How do I choose my honeymoon destination? We all agree it’s the big reward that awaits at the end of the event. 

The month of December, with its cold weather and winter rains, may encourage you to travel, especially if you are preparing for your wedding this month, to spend a very romantic honeymoon.

Today, we have picked for you the most beautiful December Honeymoon Destinations Ideas, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

 And if you hesitate to prepare for your trip on your own, In this article you will find that you do not need an agency to organize a dream honeymoon.

Perfect Honeymoon Planning

During the wedding preparations, the newlyweds may forget to make the necessary arrangements for their honeymoon trip and choose the best places, or they may postpone it until the last moment.

If you are a fan of eating lunch and dinner in restaurants with shopping, the first trip to one of the cities may be the best choice for you, and this choice is suitable for all seasons of the year, but be sure to book theater tickets and tables in restaurants in advance.

When visiting major cities, it is better to hire a private guide through the hotel where you are staying.

Exploring Nature

If you’re thinking about spending your honeymoon outdoors, you should first think about whether the place you choose will be warm enough for camping or cool enough to go skiing.

Perfect Honeymoon Planning

Beach Trip

After the wedding, going to the beach is probably the best way to unwind after the previous days, and there are many resorts where you can spend your honeymoon.

Food and beverages, sports and entertainment are usually included in the accommodation prices.

Make sure to search the internet for things that you would like to have in your place. For an unforgettable honeymoon, try staying on a remote island devoid of modern civilization.

First, don’t wait until November to book flights and hotels for December! When planning a honeymoon, the sooner the better. This way, you can take advantage of better rates for both flights and hotels. Once you have determined the exact dates of your trip, you will have to start comparing ticket prices for December on the internet. 

Depending on the airlines and dates chosen, flight prices can range from low to high … You can use the Jetradar & Hotelook price comparison tool which allows you to search and compare 1000’s flights and hotels in one place. Then you have to quickly book your hotel. If you take it early enough (two to four months) then preparing for the honeymoon is not a big task.

Honeymoon in December – How Long?

To make the most of your stay, you have time to get away from it all, forget about everyday life completely, and discover the surroundings… The best thing is to leave for at least two weeks in December. On the other hand, if you have a small budget, it would be better to leave for a shorter period but enjoy a luxury trip of 7 or 8 days rather than choosing a less favorable destination for December just to be able to stay there. 

December Honeymoon Destinations Ideas

Set Budget 

The budget for the Honeymoon trip in December is much lower than in July, August(depending on the city you choose).

However, the cost of a December honeymoon may depend on several other factors:

  1. Destination selection (prefer Asian countries because they are cheaper and exotic).
  2. Choice of dates that will affect the price of flights (avoid departure on weekends, public holidays, etc.)
  3. Hotel selection
  4. Choice of restaurants or an all-inclusive package,
  5. Choose the length of stay
  6. Choice of excursions and recreational activities on site.

Thus, it is up to you to see if your budget allows you to leave in December and choose your destination and flight duration accordingly. It will be better to prepare for your “honeymoon” giving you the possibility to make a ticket reservation because it is necessary to pay immediately. 

As for the hotel, if you make the reservation, you will only pay when you arrive at the hotel, therefore in December. This is a good alternative because by December you are sure to have accumulated an extra budget file consisting of the hospitality of your wedding guests. You can then use it to pay for your hotel stay.


December Honeymoon Destinations Ideas

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the countries that have very beautiful scenery, in addition to its charming and calm atmosphere, suitable if you are looking for the serenity of mind away from the crowds.

Many luxury hotels meet your luxurious taste, and where you enjoy all the services, in addition to delicious Swiss food.

And Switzerland in winter is a little cold, but you won’t feel that with the clean streets, and restaurants with a central heating system.

St. Moritz Switzerland December Honeymoon Destinations

St. Moritz is one of the top honeymoon destinations that will fulfill all your desires to enjoy a fantastic vacation in a luxurious resort with stunning views, but it also houses some of the best designer stores and great restaurants in the city. So, you are bound to be happy in this beautiful destination.

Located in the heart of one of the most picturesque regions in Switzerland, this popular ski resort boasts great views, luxurious five-star accommodations as well as many of Switzerland’s best shopping malls and restaurants, and truly is a great tourist destination all year round, not just in winter. 

It offers everyone plenty of recreational opportunities at any time of the year, including skiing, riding a horse-drawn carriage, or enjoying mountain views on a ride on the famous Bernina Express.

The Loire Valley, France

France is one of the most distinguished tourist destinations in the winter, as its streets are also ready to receive this season, and you will not feel any cold touches in the romantic restaurants and old European songs that this town enjoys.

You can head to Paris, the capital if you want to spend a luxurious and distinguished honeymoon, and enjoy the rain under the romantic candle lights, in the luxury restaurants.

Hot Air Baloon Ride Loire Valley France
Hot Air Baloon Ride Loire Valley France

The Loire Valley is also one of the popular honeymoon destinations, offers a complete romantic French experience with plenty of privacy. Just a short drive from Paris, this picturesque area features castles and towers with pleasant sights of vineyards, which appear in a spectacle of stunning natural beauty, with picturesque villages and lush green hills. So it’s no wonder the Loire Valley region is known as the “Garden of France”.


But if you think about the sea and sand, we recommend the Maldives(South Asia situated in the Indian Ocean), as it has a tropical climate and you will not feel cold at all, only in the breeze at night.

The Maldives enjoys high privacy, as there are many private beaches for lovers of relaxation.

Vacation In Maldives

What is the best island in the Maldives for a honeymoon?

Vaadhoo Island, Male Island, and Vialhui Island are among the best islands for honeymooners in the Maldives to stay and enjoy different activities.

Male also, which is the capital of the Republic of Maldives, represents an ideal opportunity for you to relax, enjoy, and see many attractions, such as the Grand Friday Mosque and the Sultan Mosque.

Tagaytay, Philippines

If you are looking for a unique tourist destination to spend your honeymoon in December, do not miss the opportunity to travel to the Philippines to discover new places, gain new experiences, and create unforgettable memories together, between white sandy beaches, historical sites, and wonderful sites that enhance the atmosphere of romance and relaxation. 

Twin Lake Tagaytay City
Twin Lake Tagaytay City

Tagaytay City is a perfect honeymoon destination, just a few hours’ drive from Manila, start to inspire travelers with its charming weather and beautiful views of Taal Volcano, which has erupted 30 times since the 16th century and is the world’s smallest active volcano. Traditional foods are among the various restaurants that serve delicious and hot meals with an amazing view of Taal Lake.

Apart from sightseeing and a delicious meal, there are also many activities that couples can do together in this amazing city such as wakeboarding, visiting a fantasy world, or even horse riding between the farms in the open air.

Honeymoon In The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is one of the most beautiful and wonderful tourist islands belonging to the British Crown. Many brides choose to spend their honeymoon in the Virgin Islands, where their husbands enjoy the most enjoyable times in the shadow of fantastic hospitality services and amid beautiful nature that makes them enjoy every day in these distinguished islands.

Cane Garden Bay view British Virgin Islands
Cane Garden Bay view, British Virgin Islands

Diverse And Elegant Services

The Virgin Islands’ gorgeous beaches are simply an extension of the opulent and exceptional services that newlyweds get.

You can get completely elegant residences near the sea to spend the most enjoyable times during the honeymoon period while protecting your privacy.

Saariselka, Finland

One of the most suitable places for a winter honeymoon.

Who wouldn’t want to experience the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis (also known as the northern lights) with their significant other?

The newlyweds can spend a winter honeymoon in Finland, where this season extends for 8 months.

Northern Lights


Watching the Northern Lights is not the only activity that the couple can enjoy as they can participate in a snow safari to see reindeer and husky dogs.

They can also spend their honeymoon in a cabin with a glass roof in the heart of Mother Nature. 

Imagine, that you are in your bed with your husband and watch these stunning scenes directly while you are in the warmth of your room.

Star Arctic Hotel, is one of the most popular hotels that provide these activities. You can enjoy this hotel with all the aforementioned activities and enjoy the best winter honeymoon with your husband.

December Honeymoon Destinations In The Caribbean 

In December you can get warm weather with over 29 degrees and eight hours of sun a day. There are several islands in this place for a dream honeymoon.

Here we can remind you of the Dominican Republic, with the best tropical forests and fine local culture, as well as beautiful seas, wonderful hotels, and exceptional romantic inns.

Marigot Bay Saint Lucia
Marigot Bay Saint Lucia

Other alternatives are Barbados, which is particularly appealing during the Christmas and New Year holidays since it allows you to enjoy in your own unique style.

As for Cuba, it has a lot to offer as it offers you a cultural experience with a great time at the sea.

Among the most beautiful Caribbean islands, we also mention to you Saint Lucia, which is hidden among the valleys and wonderful trees.

As for Jamaica, it is also a recommended December honeymoon destination with nice people, great local culture, and many places to visit.

If you love nature and adventure, Costa Rica is an ideal choice with many forests and parks.

So, which of the above-mentioned December honeymoon destinations would you go for? If you like the article please share it with friends and do comments? 

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