Dilli Haat INA, experience the flavors and traditions of India

Dilli haat INA is a food and craft bazar located near INA metro station in Delhi, the state capital of India. I went there many times, when I was new in Delhi, every weekend, to be exact. It is the best places to hangout and experience different colors of India. Dilli haat INA is maintained by Delhi tourism and transportation development corporation. The look and feel of the market is like some village fair and it is perfect place to go with family, friends and kids. Visiting Dilli haat INA allows you to experience diversity of India. Here you can taste specialized food from any specific state of India or you may buy traditional cloths of different states. If you are lucky enough, you can also enjoy some traditional dance or music show. You will also find photographers, artists who can sketch you at nominal cost and craftsmen from different fields. In this post I will concentrate on food and tell you where you can find the best from the rest. The entry fee of Dilli haat INA is 20 INR and it remains open all the days of the week from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Try Tea at Assam or Bengal Stall when you are in Dilli Haat INA

Bengal and Assam are two states famous for tea in India. The tea garden of Bengal is identified as one of the fresh and best leafed tea. So if you decided to go to Dilli haat INA in Morning, don’t forget to try Tea either at Bengal stall or Assam stall. Both the refreshment centers are side by side and it won’t be difficult for you to find one.

Try Dosa or Sambar Vada at Tamil Nadu stall

Tamil Nadu is famous for its South-Indian dishes like Dosa, Idle, Sambar Vada, Uttapam etc. South Indian dishes are acknowledged for its great taste worldwide. So don’t forget to try Dosa or Sambar Vada in Tamil Nadu stall. You may even try the same dish at Andhara Pradesh stall, but most of the time, I found it closed.

Try Kokkam Juice, VadaPaw and Sabudana Vada in Maharashtra stall

The first time I tasted Kokkam Juice was in Maharashtra stall, it is very fresh and refreshing, the juice is from the fruit Kokkam and it naturally remains cool. You should try this once and then order Vada Paw which is yet another famous snack item in Maharashtra. You may also opt to try Sabudana Vada which is generally served with chutni. Foods of Maharashtra are bit spicy, so if you aren’t accustomed with spicy food then Kokkam juice is enough for you.

Try Litti Choka in Bihar stall

Bihar food stall is recently opened in Dilli haat INA and one of the famous snack item of Bihar is Litti Choka, you should definitely try it. You may also opt to taste fish fry which is very famous dish in North Bihar.

Try Lassi and Chole Bhature in Punjab stall

If you have traveled in India, you should have definitely located Punjab Dhaba before. Punjab is the state in North India and Lassi is one of the most popular sweet drink. When you are in Dilli haat INA, don’t forget to try Lassi which is made with yogurt, sugar and water. Sometimes they use dry fruits as well to flavor the drink. You can also try Chole Bhature, which is yet another popular dish in Punjab.

Try Momos in Meghalaya Food stall

Meghalaya is one of he North-East state and its famous for its Momos and soup. Order a plate of Momos and chicken soup for snacks. Its hot and spicy and you will get the best taste of Momos over there. There are several varieties of Momos found here like fried momos, steamed momos, chicken/Mutton/Veg Momos. Try which ever you think will be good for you. I tasted all of those in my last visit to Dilli haat INA and each of those are just perfect.

Try Dal Baati Churma in Rajasthani Stall

Dal, Baati Churma is one of the famous dish in the state of Rajasthan. You will find the authentic flavor of the dish in the Rajasthani stall of Dilli haat INA. Along with Dal Baati Churma, you can also try different types of Kachouris over here.

Try Kahwa drink in Kashmir food stall

Kahwa is a local drink popular in Kashmir. This is a herbal drink and has the property to fight against cold weather. Local Kashmiri have it to protect themselves from the low temperature. You should definitely have it when you are in Dilli haat INA.

Try Sabu Dana Kheer in Awadh stall

Sabu Dana kheer is one of the popular sweet dish of Awadh. I don’t forget to have it in my visit to Dilli Haat INA. Infact before leaving this place, I general sit in Awadh food stall and try their special dishes. Sabu dana kheer is absolutely delicious with mouth watering rose flavor. A must try for anyone, who wants to get the flavor of Awadh.

Try Chilly potatoes and fried rice in Arunachal Pradesh Stall

Arunachal Pradesh is another state of North-East. I had once tried fried rice and chilly potatoes over there. Chicken fried rice and chilly potatoes of Arunachal pradesh stall has the authentic flavor. You should try it at lunch.

For enjoying Dilli haat INA to its fullest, you should spend your entire day here. Starting from morning and ending at evening. It will take long to try and digest food for different parts of India. Rates of dishes at any stall over here is very reasonable, authentic and absolutely delicious. There are other popular stalls where you may try Uttarakhand, North-East, Odisha, Goa, Kerela food. Did you visit Dilli haat INA or tasted any of the dish mentioned over here? If yes, then share your experiences in comments.

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