Dishes/Products to Try on a Visit to Sweden

Dishes/Products to Try on a Visit to Sweden

There’s no better way to get to the heart of a country than by breaking bread. We all have diverging interests, but we all have to eat. For many, food is more than just fuel – it’s a cultural experience.

Sweden is no different. From waffles to meatballs, the meals mentioned below occupy a special place in the hearts of many Swedes. Let’s discover each of them together.


On holiday, you won’t want to rush through breakfast. In Sweden, when locals have time to spare, they often indulge in Våfflor. Usually, this beloved dish comes topped with jam, whipped cream, and even ice cream.

Våfflor is also enjoyed at lunch and as a snack. If you aren’t a fan of sweet foods, they come in savoury varieties, with embedded salt and toppings like cheese.


This meal is what many people think of when the topic of Swedish cuisine comes up. Their exposure to this discipline usually comes from a trip to IKEA, where Köttbullar is on the menu. Also known as Swedish meatballs, cooks make this dish from seasoned ground beef. In Southern Sweden, cooks occasionally craft Köttbullar from ground pork.

Browned in butter, restaurants typically serve these crispy, satisfying delights with mashed potatoes, gravy, and lingonberry sauce. Seek them out, as the ones served by Swedes greatly surpass the one served by everyone’s favourite furniture chain.


Sometimes, we have no idea what to have. Buffets solve this problem by offering dozens of options for stuffing your face. In Sweden, locals know these spreads as Smörgåsbord. Translating to “sandwich table”, it’s not surprising to find scores of these handheld snacks at these buffets.

However, there’s far more than that available. At a Smörgåsbord, you’ll find an even amount of hot and cold dishes – from Köttbullar to cold cuts, there’s something there you’ll like. You’ll even get to have dessert, as these buffets stock everything from rice pudding to cake.     


In the past, smokers could light up after a satisfying meal. These days, that’s not an option. In Sweden, those quitting smoking (or needing a fix where they can’t smoke) use Snus. Snus is a form of powdered tobacco that dissolves after dipping. As a result, there is no need to spit afterwards, 

But, what if you’re trying to get off tobacco entirely? While your friends try Snus, dip these pouches from Unlike Snus, this product is pure, flavoured nicotine. By taking it, you’ll avoid the stained teeth and risks of tobacco consumption. 


Have room for dessert? During your Sweden trip, seek out a slice of Kladdkaka. Kladdkaka is a chocolate cake that goes heavy on the cocoa powder. To offset the hint of bitterness this creates, restaurants serve this cake with ice cream or whipped cream.

Swedes love having this dessert with their afternoon coffee. Because of this, you’ll have the best luck finding this dish in sidewalk cafes.

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