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Airfare can be the most exorbitant part of your travel journey so it’s very important for you to make it as much less as much as you can. 

If you’re one of them who are willing to cut down these unwanted expenses of your trip, this post is definitely for you. Till the end of the post you’ll be able to know How to book cheap flight?  

If you follow these steps that I’m going to mention below then you’re definitely going to book cheapest flights for yourself. 

Here’s how to book cheap flights for your next trip and make your trip budget friendly:

How to book cheap flights

1. Timing is everything

Timing, Timing, Timing! Yes, it is important. It is advisable for you to book your flight tickets well in advance. The best time to book flight tickets is 6-8 weeks before your departure. As you get more closer to your departure date the fares will continue to rise. 

The flight fares are not stable all the time. On festive seasons the cost of ticket rises because more and more people are flying and if you choose to fly at that time, you’ll end up paying a big amount. It’s a bad idea to book weekend flights if you’re looking to get less-costly flights, prices are high at this time of the week. Fly on weekday like Tuesday and Wednesday you’ll save some bucks. 

2.  Use Incognito Mode 

While checking the prices of flights repeatedly, have you noticed a hike in prices? That’s because after searching for particular flight again and again, they increase the prices so that you’re convinced to buy that ticket.

But you’ll not be tricked by this if you use Incognito Mode on your browser. Just make sure you use this mode when checking for tickets. Every time, open a new incognito window and start searching this way you’ll not see the raised prices of the tickets.  

3. Check out budget airlines 

Well it’s true that flying with standard expensive flights like Emirates, Lufthansa can get much out of a budget traveler. Take a note of this, there are a number of budget airlines through which you can fly at a much cheaper rate than the categories of those mentioned above. 

You may not come across them on some search engines but you can search on google for budget airlines and from there you can visit the site of that airline. 

They may not provide you the best comfort but they will be suitable for your budget and flying by them is best alternative for you. 

4. Flying direct is not best every time

Flying direct to your destination can cost you extra bucks. A Direct Flight is much more costlier than connecting flights. Google Flights can help you in this. You’ll get an complete overview of Both the flights between your departure and your destination. 

This method can take time because you’ll first need to find how much the direct flight costs to your destination, then comparing it with the searched connecting flights. But Trust me, It’s worth the effort you put in. 

5. Try Paying in Different Currency

While searching for a ticket, try checking out the price in another currency. Sometimes you can find cheaper flights by this but not all the time. Many of the travelers have used this strategy to book cheaper flight tickets. 

Look for the currency weaker than your native one. This way you’ll be able to save some money on your flights. By default, Some airline websites shows you your native currency, make sure to look tickets in another currency next time you book flight tickets.

6. Stay Alert for Special Offers

If you haven’t signed up for Airlines Newsletter yet, DO IT NOW!! You are missing out on something really helpful. 

Airlines comes up with different travel deals and offers throughout the year and If you sign up for the newsletter then you can get that offer information straight to you. Yes, that’s the benefit of being a part of Airlines Mailing List. 

Moreover, there are some amazing travel websites where you can find great deals for flights:

You can check them out also!


7. Try different Search Engines

As you know you need to put in some work in order to find out the cheapest flight for you. For that, you have to search on many search engines and websites right? You need to compare them and find out what’s best. 

You know what there’s a much easy way for this! Yes, Sites that I’m going to list below are really helpful in searching and comparing flights for your next trip.

1. MomondoMomondo is an amazing place to search for a flight. They find and compare best and Cheapest flight for you with all the stats. Indeed, you need to try it!
2. Skyscanner With a good UI and deals this website allows you to find cheap flight prices across many destinations. Skyscanner also have a mobile app. 
3. Google Flights –  Google flights is also one of the best websites to find and compare different flights prices. 

8. Travel At Odd Hours

If you are okay with travelling at unfamiliar hours of the day then it will be good for you to book a flight at those hours. You’ll find those flights at less prices than the flights taking off art the busiest hours of the day.

As the flights are not much in demand in hours so that’s why you’ll get them at a less price. But if you’re flying for some important work and bounded by time limits then i guess this trick will not be applicable for you!

Moreover, remember to book flights weeks prior to your departure as last minute flights tends to be expensive, no matter what.

9. Make use of Student discount

If you’re a student, then you can get help from the Airline’s student discount scheme. There are number of opportunities available for you to get a student discount. You can get anywhere from 10-25% Discount with this.

Check out there website to find if they are running any student discount or not. If you don’t find any feel free to ring them! They’ll definitely help you out in this. 

10. Show Presence of Mind

Yes it’s last but not the least. It’s important for you to show some presence of mind while booking a flight if you want it to be in your budget. For example, looking for different sources while booking like I mentioned above for using different search engines. Timely checking of flight deals so that you don’t miss them. 

All you need to be is a little conscious! It’ll take time but it’s worth it 🙂

That’s all guys, I hope you got to know How to book cheap flights this year! Do you have any other tips and tricks to share with us. Make sure to use our Comment Box for that!

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