ETW #89 Many Misadventures of Bing Fraser

Bing Fraser, the author of “Unprotected Treks” joins us to share some of his hilarious travel tales. Not all trips end well and for Bing terrible luck seems to follow him around. On this episode we learn more about Bing and his bizarrely funny travel stories.

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About Bing Fraser

Bing Fraser is an expert in how not to travel the world. His 8 years of roaming the world have seen him arrested, held at gunpoint, lose his teeth, suffer a schizophrenic episode, crack his skull open (with the ensuing concussion lasting the better half of two years), get robbed more times than one could fathom, and greet death so many times, the Reaper is on his Christmas card list. Unprotected Treks is his first book; a compilation of humorous short stories compiled to teach people what NOT to do when traveling the world.

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