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If you want to feel true joy then organize your next vacation to Kolkata. The art you will see, places you will explore, or the extraordinary experiences you will have here are going to make your heart filled with happiness and joy because this city is magical. Solo travel, group travel, couple travel, or family travel, Kolkata have exciting experiences waiting for you all. Before you travel to any new city, it is good to know in advance about all the incredible things that the city has to offer you. Below mentioned are all experiential tours that you must-have during your trip to Kolkata. Keep reading to know more.

Relish in Kolkata’s delicious food

You can’t ignore the fact that Kolkata people have an epic connection with food and I am sure you will feel that connection too. You will find mouthwatering food in the streets, cute cafes, or fancy restaurants. You should try Biryani, Momos, fish snacks, and don’t forget to taste the most famous sweet Rosogolla. I have tried to make rosogulla at home also because I fell in love with its taste when I tried it for the first time in Kolkata. 

Go for a ride in Kolkata Trams 

To get the vintage feel of Kolkata, you need to take a ride in the iconic trams of Kolkata which are Asia’s oldest running trams. During your excursion, you will get to see all the developments in the city. Enjoy this vintage ride with your loved ones and have this offbeat experience in Kolkata. On a rainy evening, enjoy this romantic ride with your partner and feel the special moments. 

Visit the Iconic Indian Coffee house 

If you have been planning to visit Kolkata, then do visit college street which is the historic street of Kolkata where you will see many prestigious colleges. The most renowned landmark there is the Indian Coffee house which was earlier the main center of the city’s cultural programs. Many popular artists, painters, writers still visit here which makes this place quite popular among the youths of Kolkata.

Explore the Chinatown of Kolkata

Kolkata has its own Chinatown nestled on the eastern side of the city. This place is unique and is usually less explored but it will provide you some extraordinary experiences. Traditional beauty parlor, lip-smacking street food, ancient Chinese temples, and whatnot. Chinatown’s culture is something you should see while exploring Kolkata. If you are in Kolkata during the new year then do come as the entire place is decorated with lanterns, lights, and activities such as dragon dance events, lion dances, and more. 

You will make lots of memories and unforgettable experiences that you are going to appreciate for a long time. Check my other blogs if you want to get more information about the city of Joy.

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