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Mangalore is one of the important cities in Karnataka. Being commercializes corporate and business people visit this place quite often. This place is also good for people planning for a vacation and avoids daily busy life for some time. The city offers a lot to visitors with historical places, temple, churches and many more. Beaches in Mangalore are the most liked by tourist visiting the city.

Top Famous Beaches in Mangalore

Most of India’s boundaries are covered by ocean and sea’s and has some incredibly beautiful beaches for a visit. Mangalore is one such city in Karnataka which attract lots of tourist and has some great beaches for them to enjoy. This port city of Karnataka is located between Arabian Sea and Western Ghats Mountain. Tourist coming in surely visits these beaches once for some leisure time. Local resident of the city also enjoy spending some quality time in these great beaches. Below it’s a list of beaches in Mangalore which anyone can visit.

1- Panambur Beach

This beach is considered one of the safest beaches in Mangalore. Tourist enjoys swimming and enjoying some rides like jet skies here. Lifeguard on patrol will make you feel safe as they are highly trained. Panambur beach is also clean and very well maintained which draw tourist for a visit. This is one of the most visited place by tourist in the city. High footfall here gives opportunity to various food stall to serve some delicious food. Visitors can also enjoy camel ride with beautiful scenic view which is unmatched.

Distance from Airport – 11 Km

Distance from Bus Stand – 9 Km

2- Chitrapura Beach

Secondly, it is Chitrapura Beach. Beaches in Mangalore are known to have been untouched and Chitrapura beaches perfectly show that. This beach is perfect to enjoy scenic beauty of sea meeting with the sand. It’s not crowded at all and paradise if someone wants to relax. For getting away from day to day busy life and enjoying a leisure time. Local residents can also visit and spend some time with family and friends here.

Distance from Airport – 13 Km

Distance from Bus Stand – 11 Km

3- Tannirbhavi Beach

Thirdly, it is Tannirbhavi Beach. It’s the best place and surf and enjoy some beach activities. Beach is clean and nice to enjoy some cold breeze. Walk along the shore and spend quality time with friends and family. With salty water kissing some brown sand and coconut trees in the background it’s natures paradise. Swim, take sun bath with some coconut water and time couldn’t have been better spent. Please note reaching this place is not easy as there is no public transport available. Tourist need to take a ferry to tannirbhavi beach. While travelling ferry goes via Gurupura river and gives away some exotic view to visitors.

Distance from Airport – 18 Km

Distance from Bus Stand – 17 K

4- Surathkal Beach

Surathkal Beach is one place with natural beauty to attract tourist from all corner of the city. With rocks and greenery in the background and waves of Arabian sea in front this is one of the best beaches in the city. Distance of the beach from the city is a bit more than other and therefore visited by very less people. Mostly this place is less crowded, so anyone can visit this place for enjoying some private time.

Distance from Airport – 21 Km

Distance from Bus Stand – 19 Km

5- Someshwar Beach

Someshwar beach has derived its name from Lord Somanatha temple whose temple is standing on the sea shore. Located to the south of the city its one the best beach in Mangalore and easily accessible from the bus stand. In case tourist wants to visit this beach from the airport they can easily do it with cabs in Mangalore. Highly regarded by local and tourist for a visit one’s must visit this beach.

Distance from Airport – 25 Km

Distance from Bus Stand – 13 Km

6- Kodical Beach

It’s one of the beaches which are best with scenic beauty and spending some with the loved once. Great place for families arranging some picnic here and enjoy spectacular sunset views.  This beach is very popular among the local resident who visit Kocal beach quite often. Tourist visit this place in very less number which make place quite and soothing. Taxi service in Mangalore is the best mode of transportation for traveling in the city.

Distance from Airport – 15 Km

Distance from Bus Stand – 14 Km

7- Ullal Beach

You can find this beach on top of many tourist places to visit list. Ullal beach gives its visitors some great picturesque view to enjoy. With the noise of waves crashing and a stretch of dense coconut tree one can create some beautiful moments. Capture those moment in your camera with some great scenic beauty which are on offer. Among the entire beach in Mangalore, Ullal provide best natural view where you can full enjoy. It has also the honor as one of the popular tourist spot in whole of Karnataka.

Distance from Airport – 23 Km

Distance from Bus Stand – 11 Km

8- Sasihithlu Beach

Sasihithlu beach is located at a very far off distance from the main city. Distance is the major factor this beach see’s very less crowd in the comparison to others. Visitors must try coming here once as less people gives perfect coastal experience. You can also find some birds coming to the beach as it’s excluded from human intervention. If anyone plans for a visit, they can book car rental in Mangalore and start their trip. Distance is something to consider but it’s worth visiting once. Visit here with family and friend and have some great bonding moments.

Distance from Airport – 27 Km

Distance from Bus Stand – 25 Km

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