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Mumbai is said to be the city where dreams come true and people from all over the world flock here to set their future, enjoy the city life and explore the nightlife of enchanting Mumbai. Also, Mumbai witnesses a diverse culture that lures the tourists to Mumbai to enjoy various cultural activities and events happening all year round. So, there are many cool events and festivals that take place in Mumbai which will make your vacation great and let you have some beautiful memories with your dear and near ones. 

Top 4 events and festivals in Mumbai:- 

  • Banganga Music Festival 

Indian Heritage society along with the government organizes this perfect event for music and dance lovers where they can get an opportunity to listen live to famous musicians from across the country. Banganga Festival is a 2-day classical music festival celebrated in Malabar hills every year in the month of January. The festival also has other activities such as poetry, concerts, dance performances, photography, shopping and much more, leaving the audience enthralling. For this festival, the entire area is well decorated with lights, flowers and other things to welcome thousands of people to one of the best events in Mumbai.  

This is a breathtaking festival organized in the month of February by the Maharashtra tourism development corporation to encourage and promote culture and tourism. This renowned festival takes place at Elephant island which is a favourable destination because of its backdrop of wonderful sculptured panels on walls of the Shiva temple and huge pillars which makes the place really attractive. Many popular artists are welcomed to showcase their talent and participate in music, dance and drama, making the whole festive ambience better with their mind-blowing performances. The festival also features fisherman folk dance, authentic Mumbai food stalls and some rituals to make the experience of the audience memorable. 

Kala Ghoda Festival is everyone’s favourite annual cultural fest organizing music, theatre and dance performances and some seminars and workshops as well related to Modern Arts.  Throughout the nine days of the month of February, an enormous number of people come to the festival and indulge in numerous activities such as book launches, poetry sessions, culinary classes, Indian and international dance forms and much more where they can explore and enjoy. Some of the events also give the tourists insight into the Mumbai culture. This particular festival is best for upcoming artists who want to learn and grow in the field of art, music, literature etc. Children can also enjoy interesting events and have fun. So, come and explore new and unique things at this event with family and close friends. 

  • Ganesh Chaturthi Festival 

Ganesh Chathurthi is a major festival dedicated to Lord Ganesh which is celebrated in Mumbai during the month of August/September for 11 days. Mumbaikers (local people of Mumbai) buy idols of the deity Ganesha and worship him at their home for 10 days to show their love and faith. The whole Mumbai city is immersed in the celebrations and enjoys music and dance too. People can be a part of the festival by visiting Pandals (temporary structure), participating in celebrations, witnessing rituals and also relishing some delicacies. On the final day of the festival, the idols are immersed in the water. To see Mumbai in its full glory, visiting during the festival is a good choice. 

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