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Post Last Modified – December 14, 2020

Fanvision Scanners With Cutting Edge Technology

FanVision Scanners are simply the best and latest in cutting edge technology!  A scanner that now brings race fans even closer to the action while attending the NASCAR Races and other major sports events.

FanVision Entertainment recently introduced possibly the best sports event scanner available on the market today!

This is the ultimate in Fan – Enhancement Technology offering sports enthusiasts an even closer look at NASCAR Racing!

First Of Its Kind In Race Scanner Improvements

Fanvision Scanners

“Everything is delivered on a dedicated network, there is no downloading, no buffering and no waiting.  All the action is delivered to you the moment it happens.”

This incredible scanner now runs on its own network, which means there is no downtime, everything is happening in real time, unlike former scanners.  With this new scanner, you do not have to wait for a replay to download, be annoyed with buffering so you can watch everything instantly! 🙂

All right at your fingertips!

Fanvision Scanners For NASCAR Races Like No Other

Nascar Racing Phoenix Arizona

Race fans can now enjoy attending a live event with a NASCAR race scanner like no other!  Whether you are a devoted race fan or not, this scanner is definitely worth having a second look at.  At the race track, you have the option of renting the complete package for the race weekend or you can purchase one as well.

For those of you that are yet to experience the thrills and excitement of a live premier stock car race event, then you must check out my post and photos on  NASCAR Races for Family Fun ! 😯

First, check out this FanVision Cool Video to give you an idea what this scanner is all about.

NASCAR FanVision YouTube Video


Enjoying the race with a scanner like this, adds a whole new dimension to the feel and excitement of live race action! 😯

➡   Listen to live broadcasts as the announcers take you into each turn as the cars roar past you;

➡   Tune in to your favorite driver as they talk to their pit crew during the live race action;

➡   Watch instant Video replay;

➡   View 8 On Board Cameras;

➡   Get Instant Timing, Data, Statistics and much more!

I highly recommend giving this scanner a try at your next race!  Here is a handy website link for more information on renting or purchasing this type of scanner.

There are stands right at the race track for you to either rent or purchase Fanvision Scanners.

racing electronics trailer

🚗    Racing Electronics

I’ll see you at the track!

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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“The Daytona 500 Has Started Every NASCAR Season Since 1959.”

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