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There are many tourist places around the world, but Thailand is a place that instantly boosts your adrenaline. And the reason is its adventure activities, sparkling beaches, shopping, spa, luxury hotels and mouth-watering cuisines. While there are many fun things to do in Thailand, you should know the best place to try those activities. 

Many places in Thailand offer different entertainment to their tourists. Want to know the best places to entertain yourself? Check the guide below!

Step into Thailand and experience the world of joy

Thailand has an exuberant vibe to lure the senses of its tourists. If you are looking for adventure activities, there are unlimited fun things to do in Thailand

Let us unravel some of the best activities to try here. Below is your guide to fun things to do in Thailand. Read on! Your way to entertainment is calling you.

Visit Railay Beach and go rock climbing

Railay Beach is famous for its turquoise blue water and incredible beauty. The environment is tranquil, and as you step in, you can feel the peaceful vibe calming your mind. In addition, to getting peace of mind, Railay Beach has activities to rush your adrenaline.

One of the best adventures to try here is rock climbing. If you are new to rock climbing, no worries, you will get to learn the basics and will enjoy the experience. Also, rock climbing is one of the crazy things to do in Thailand for all adventure buffs. So, from beginner to experienced level rock climbers, all are invited to Railay Beach.

Get an exclusive Thai massage

Visiting Thailand and not getting a Thai massage is like having sweets without sugar. We are sure you do not want to miss something exciting on your Thailand trip. 

Consider taking a Thai massage at the end of your trip as it will relax all the tiredness of your body. Thus, Thai massage is among the best things to do in Thailand-Bangkok if you want to relax your body. 

Float and shop

Imagine you are on a boat in the middle of the canal, and you can find the best shops around. Of course, shopaholics will love it. Even if you are not much into shopping, you will love the ambience of floating markets in Thailand.

Some of the best floating markets you can visit in Thailand are Damnoen Saduak, Bang Phli and Amphawa floating markets. There are also many food stalls here that serve delicious cuisines. Visit floating market in Thailand and satiate your shopping and food cravings.

Explore the underwater life

Thailand is famous for its beautiful islands, and every island hosts exuberant water sports and underwater diving. You can explore marine life and click pictures of fishes swimming around you.

Go scuba diving when in Thailand to experience the feel of the marine world. You can spot purple coral, fishes of different colours, turtles, harlequin shrimps and many other creatures of the marine world. With so much to explore underwater, scuba diving is one of the exciting things to do in Thailand

Calm your soul at Ayutthaya

Thailand is all about entertainment and adventure. Furthermore, people visit Thailand to experience fun and beat mundane life. But, if you visit Ayutthaya, you can find a different side of Thailand. Far from the chaotic life is the peaceful Ayutthaya city.

There are many temples at the Ayuttaya complex, you will feel a positive vibe as you place your first step here. Plan a full day in Ayutthaya city and witness the ancient architecture. You can find many Buddha statues and intricate carvings of the beautiful temples that are a gift to your eyes. Plan a trip to Ayutthaya and explore the religious side of Thailand.

Taste the best of street food

Thailand has the best street food options to treat your tastebuds. Thai food has a luscious taste that will make you forget exploring different places and tempt you to indulge in food. The whiff itself will drive you crazy to grab a bite. 

From delicious veg options to mouth-watering meat variety, every street food of Thailand has a taste to remember. Some of the best street food to try here are Khao man gai (rice and chicken), Pad see ew (rice noodles), Som tam (papaya salad) and Pad Thai (fried noodles). 

Get romantic visiting the beautiful Island

One of the best things to do in Thailand for honeymoon couples is to visit the islands. It’s a great way to relish a memorable time in the mesmerizing islands of Thailand, and the atmosphere is very romantic there. Also, if you are a solo traveller or travelling with friends, the islands in Thailand will never disappoint you.

Some of the best islands to visit in Thailand are Phuket, Koh Samui, Mu Koh Phi Phi and Koh Pha Ngan. Plan a trip to any one of these islands and define your love story amid the serene environment.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best things to do in Thailand. However, there are endless things to try in this magical country. Pick your favourite choice from the above list and let the good times roll. 


Which are the famous beaches in Thailand?

The famous beaches to visit in Thailand are Railay Beach, Haad Rin, Maya Bay, Nai Harn and Pattaya Beach.

What is so famous about Thailand?

Thailand is famous for beaches, street food, shopping, temples, islands, tuk-tuks, markets, Thai massage, waterfalls, wildlife and parties.

What is the perfect month to visit Thailand?

You can visit Thailand any time of the year. However, November to March is the best time to experience pleasant weather. 

Can I plan my honeymoon trip to Thailand?

Yes, you can plan your honeymoon in Thailand. There are many places to visit for couples that will enlighten your romantic mood.

Is Thailand safe for solo female travellers?

Yes, Thailand is a safe country for solo female travellers. While an advanced booking is best if you are travelling solo.

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