Going Places- IV – Travel Tales from India and Abroad

You know what is the good bit about traveling? Not only you enjoy the trip, you get to enjoy the memories too. My way of keeping a journal is through the pictures I click. I have tried experimenting with videos on and often, without any great success. After getting hooked to the Instagram Reels, I feel this might change.

I have been creating reels for every country that I have visited, and sharing them here too, 4 at a time. You can read the Part 1, 2 and 3 from the links. Onward to the next four countries, Finland, Jordan, Bhutan and Hong Kong.

13. Finland

Finland was a winter fairy tale, it was beyond anything I had ever seen. I was lucky to go to Lapland and experience a bit of Sami culture too. I went in March of 2014, it was a blogging trip with Noika and the highest temperature was 1 degree Celsius.

14. Jordan

I went to Jordan soon after Finland. This was a special blogging trip too! I was invited by the Jordan Tourism Board to Cover the Pope’s visit to Jordan! It was the first time I floated on the Dead Sea too.

Finland and Jordan were also special because both the PR contacts were my former students!

15. Bhutan

I had an opportunity to go to Bhutan in 2014 with Make My Trip on a blogging trip. Bhutan is our neighbor and it is stunningly beautiful. I totally love their tranquil vibe.

16. Hong Kong

When I look back, I realize 2014 was an amazing year travel wise. I got to see so many new places. But it is extra special because I took my niece Vasudha and daughter Chhavi on their first trip abroad. I was brave I ventured out with two kids and two suitcases. The suitcases behaved well, the girls are naughty. This trip will always remain special for the three of us!

While I wait for an opportunity to travel, I take this time to enjoy my trips again! How are you coping with these times?

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