Going Places- Part III – Travel Tales from India and Abroad

While I am sitting at home during the ongoing pandemic, I am remembering my travels through Instagram Reels. I have visited 32 countries till 2019 and I hope this list will start growing up once again. Till then I will live with the memories! You can read the Part I and Part II of this post from the respective links.

9. Cambodia

Cambodia was a short blogging trip arranged in conjunction with my trip to Thaialnd! But I did get to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat!

10. Sri Lanka

I am lucky I have been to Sri Lanka five times. The first trip was a personal vacation with my nephew Sunil also known as Brat 2. The other four were blogging trips. I tell Sunil traveling with him is like traveling with a piece of luggage!

11. South Africa

South Africa was on of my early blogging trips, it came my way in 2013. And boy it was exotic! It raised my hopes from blogging! I have been to South Africa only once!

12. Maldives

I traveled to Maldives once again with my nephew Sunil on a vacation. True to his form, he behaved like a piece of luggage once again! But we have not managed to go again on a vacation after this. It needs to be rectified.

And guess what, I miss traveling so much that I keep doing silly reels about that too! Have a look at my state of mind these days in the reel above!

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