Going Places- V – Travel Tales from India and Abroad

As I am not traveling currently let me take you places that I have been to. In part five I present Philippines, Indonesia, Israel and United Arab Emirates through my Instagram Reels. All of them were blogging trips! You can read the parts I II III and IV from the respective links. The picture above is from Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

17. Philippines

I went to Philippines on a speaking assignment and got to spend some time in Manila and Boracay Island. Boracay has been on the list of the world’s most beautiful islands for ever! Island hopping around Boracay was stunning too. However, the highlight of the trip was cliff jumping from 10 meters!

18. Indonesia

I went to Indonesia on a blogging trip with the Indonesian Tourism Board. We visited Jakarta (transit), Yogyakarta, Raja Ampat and Bali. While all of them are amazingly beautiful places, Raja Ampat has my heart. I have traveled a bit but I have never seen anything like Raja Ampat, the beaches, the people, the whole vibe is amazing. I know in my heart that I will go back to Raja Ampat one day.

19. Israel

Once again, I visited Israel with Israel Tourism Board. It is a country like no other I have ever been too. I don’t even know where to start talking about my experiences. I had a surreal experience at the Western Wall which I will never forget. One day maybe I will have adequate words to explain what is Israel all about, I don’t have it today.

20. United Arab Emirates

After Israel I visited Dubai with flydubai (airline) and later Sharjah with the Sharjah Tourism Board. As I sit at home and write these posts, I can see how lucky I have been to experience so many different cultures first hand.

While I do enjoy making reels about the 32 countries I have visited, I so want to feel safe to travel again in the near future!

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