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As we all know that, Rajasthan is famous for its rich culture, tradition, forts, and palaces. There are numerous tales of the royals. These points make this part a perfect spot for tourists. However, there are also some places that are considered to be haunted.

Here in this blog, I will tell you about some haunted places in Rajasthan. So pack your bag and let’s start without any delay:

1. Nahargarh Fort:


Jaipur is a city  that is popular for its tradition and rich culture. Nahargarh fort is located at the boundary of Aravali hills. This fort was constructed by Sawai Raja Man Singh.

There was a mysterious incident that happened here. It is said that the owner of the organization of restoration was found dead in his house. The opening hours of this fort are from 10 AM to 6 PM.

2. Bhangarh Fort:

Bhangarh Fort is located in the district named Alwar, Rajasthan. This place is the eeriest place in Rajasthan. There is a popular story behind this fort. It is said that a tantric was there who had a wish to wed with the queen. After studying about his bad thoughts, Rani Ratnawati (Queen of the fort) got tantric who used to perform black magic at her palace.

There are some spooky incidents like a woman crying for help, a ghost of the tantric shouting. The opening hours of this fort are from 6 AM to 6 PM.

3. Kuldhara Village:

Kuldhara Village is an abandoned land. This place is the spookiest village in Rajasthan. The reason behind the situation of this place is the curse that a disreputable minister got in his time. That immoral minister wanted to marry a beautiful villager forcefully and threatened her family. The villagers left that place with an abiding incantation that the one who lives here on this land will never enjoy any moment of his life.

Also, detectors detect the voices of dead villagers. There were also footprints of the children in the mud.

4. Jagatpura:

This place has some haunted things attached to it. The reason behind this is this eerie place is a place where the people live with the witches. There is a story behind it that says that there was a king who was arrogant and rapacious. Villagers accursed him while dying with the lack of food. It is said that villager’s souls still ask for help from others.

The residential people explain that they have seen some witches on the roadways of Jagatpura.

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